Age Prevention: 4 Ways Reverse The Signs Of Ageing

Age Prevention 4 Ways Reverse The Signs Of Ageing

Age prevention may not be on everyone’s lips but it sure is on everyone’s mind. After all, no one wants to look older than they are.

Age prevention ideas

1. Bag-Free Eyes

Genetics can play a huge role in causing bags under the eyes and unwanted puffiness causing the eye area to age faster than that of others. As a result of many struggles with loose skin that can occur on both the upper and lower eyelids, a condition known as a ‘hooded eye’. The solutions are many so let’s divide them into surgical and non-surgical.

As a non-surgical option you can consider the following treatments: Cutera skin tightening, Mesotherapy, Laser Genesis and Carboxytherapy (can raise the eyelid by 1 to 3 mm non-surgically). A chemical brow lift using injectable wrinkle reducers can also improve the hooded appearance considerably. A surgical blepharoplasty to correct the eyes that suffer from loose skin is the surgical alternative mode of treatment.

2. Restore Facial Volume

As we age we progressively tend to lose the volume in our faces, our cheeks bones almost seem to drop and disappear leaving us looking gaunt and ageing the face considerably. There are thankfully many different fillers available today, which use a natural substance known as Hyaluronic Acid to plump up selected areas on the face and restore facial volume. A quick fix with little to no downtime!

3. A Defined Jawline and Sleek Contours

As skin starts to lose elasticity, it tends to take on more of a ‘hang dog’ slack appearance, affecting the lower part of the face around the mouth, jowls and neck. It’s critical to lift and tighten the underlying structures of the fat, muscle and tissue when operating on the face. This helps redefine contours and give a natural look that doesn’t look pulled or overly tight. Once again there are great non- surgical solutions such as the ‘Nefertiti’ neck lift, PDO Threads, Silhouette Soft Threads and the Liquid Facelift

Age prevention and breakouts

4. Smooth and Blemish Free Skin

It is of the utmost importance to have smooth and balanced skin at all times, we highly recommend regular facial peels to encourage collagen and elastin stimulation. As a booster, you may wish to consider microneedling or mesotherapy for deeper level action. For anti-ageing and clear skin you might want to try the latest technologies such as SECRET RF and ENDYMED INTENSIF RF microneedling and radiofrequency combined.

It is important to stress the benefits of good quality home-care here, you can have as many professional treatments as you wish, however without the correct maintenance at home these will all be done in vain. Always choose cosmeceutical grade products that work down in the ‘dermis’ or living layer of the skin, they may be more costly but save you pre-mature ageing and decline in the long term.


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