Ageing: Why Winter Can Speed It Up And What To Do?

Ageing: Why Winter Can Speed It Up And What To Do?

Sun exposure and skin damage are lessons we’ve all had to learn from a young age. From the days our mother’s chased us with sunscreen to sun damage repair treatments, we’re all clued up on the dangers of too much UV and ageing. But what about the risks of Winter? Yes, cold weather can also age your skin. And while icy temperatures may never be as bad as hours of careless sun tanning, you’d be surprised at the change in your skin during Winter. Luckily there’s an action plan. From treatments to products, skin needn’t suffer when it’s cold outside.

Faster Skin Ageing: Winter and Dryness

Feel like your skin needs more moisture right now? That’s because it probably does. The cold sucks moisture from your skin, especially the face. Did you know your skin loses more than 25 percent of its ability to hold moisture in Winter? Thanks to a drop in the outside humidity, the water in your skin evaporate faster. This means your skin’s elasticity (that lovely “bounce”) dives, leaving you with flaky patches. And, brace yourself; not only will your skin look dry and chapped but perhaps dull and tired too. So, never mind different looking and feeling skin, you may be battling with an actual change in condition. And that’s where you need to get clever about skin treatment and help from topical products

Winter and Treatment Combining: Why Now’s The Right Time

You know all about the healing power of restorative skin treatments. Now imagine two working in sync. Yes, it pretty much hits the skin sweet spot. For Winter, think hydration. Also, think about skin that will be very sun-sensitive post-treatment. When the UV is low – although SPF is always part of a healthy skin routine – it’s an excellent time to let your face reap the benefits of chemical peels, laser and micro-needling, for instance. One such treatment that boosts hydration and helps smooth tone and texture is Laser Genesis with TA Serum Ideal for all skin types; it zones in on just what your skin craves in Winter; moisture and a chance to plump out those fine lines and wrinkles.

Another option that doubles up on the power of two is a Beta Hydroxy Peel with Skin Needling. The chemical peel lifts dead surface skin cells (these make your skin look dull and tired), giving you a good yet gentle exfoliation. And that means skincare products can really sink into the skin. Skin Needling encourages the skin to heal itself, which gets essential collagen creation up and running as it should. And that’s what you want for fast, effective anti-ageing. 

Your Winter Skincare Collection: How It Helps De-Age You

Selecting the right seasonal products means distinguishing between skin that feels happy and looks healthy and that just won’t play ball. Serums can help you switch things up, and their higher concentration of actives is like therapy for skin needing TLC. And a serum swap-out is an easy way to revamp your skincare collection without a total product overhaul. Lamelle Corrective HA Plus Serum is loaded with hyaluronic acid if it’s after hydration. Essential for good skin hydration, this natural ingredient (found in your skin but supplies take a nosedive) helps with elasticity and moisture levels. Also, try NeoStrata Skin Active Dermal Replenishment, which boosts hydration and is the ticket for tackling pigmentation and dark spots. Remember these are also signs of ageing, and treating them helps with a more even-tone complexion, now and in the coming months. 

Ready to get through Winter and face the Spring with your best skin ever? It’s all in the strategy. Speak to your aesthetic medical therapist or doctor about a skincare plan that means you have what you need to get through Winter with the happiest of skins. 


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