Ageing Gracefully: How Do the Stars Do Anti-ageing In Hollywood?

Ageing Gracefully In Hollywood

As an actress and public figure in Hollywood, the ladies are presented with many challenges, staying slim and beautiful (ageing gracefully) being highest on the list.


The challenge is to remain eternally youthful and to do it in the most natural looking way possible. Fortunately, with modern technology and research, there are many treatments available. However, entrusting someone with your face takes research. It is important to find a Doctor with a good understanding of facial anatomy after all anything is achievable in the right hands.


Hollywood’s number one for anti-ageing:

When having injectables please take the following under consideration:

– Only have injectables administered by a qualified Doctor.

– Only have genuine registered products injected from a registered source which includes a batch code. There are many black market products doing the rounds that may even be toxic.

– Choose a reputable establishment, one with the highest hygiene standards and training.


Ageing gracefully in Hollywood!

To see injectable relaxers and fillers done the correct way you need only look at the following celebrities:

Molly Sims

It seems as though Molly Sims has had a softening of the nasolabial folds. She has had just the right amount of fillers to soften the line ever so slightly and still take off a few years.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole has managed to maintain plump and well-defined lips over the years. This hints at a little filler being used to maintain lip definition, and volume. It also sculpts the lines above the ‘cupid’s bow’ known as the Philtrum.

Kelly Ripa

Kelly looks as though she has had filler injection to the crow’s feet alongside her eyes, resulting in a softer appearance and enhancing her smaller eye shape through the injectable lifting action.



These are examples of Hollywood getting it right, a more delicate transition where less is definitely more and not obvious at all.


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