Beauty Bucket List: Treatments for woman of 20 – 40+ years

Beauty Bucket List Treatments for woman of 20 to 40 years

We have yet to meet a woman that does not have a beauty bucket list as long as her elbow, with technology, social media and blogs we have become exposed to a variety of products and treatments that we all secretly lust after.


‘Lust-haves’ normally get added to a wish-list or beauty bucket list, the dictionary defines a bucket list as follows:

‘a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.’


With this in mind, we created what would be our beauty bucket list items for ages 20 – 40+ years, based on the skin’s need at those stages in life. Prevention is always better than cure and therefore a little planning may be required for future skin investments.


Beauty bucket list by age

Age 20 years+ :

The focus here is to get started on a skin routine which is then supported by professional skin treatments. At this stage, we want to prevent premature ageing and to maintain the skin’s balance.


– A good skin care regimen of cosmeceutical products

– Skin Peels


Age 30 years+ :

The focus here is to maintain the results already achieved and to now start boosting collagen and elastin formation. At this stage, it’s all about boosting cell turn over and slowing down the ageing process.

It is now that when we also want to start minimising wrinkles and eliminating any pigmentation.


– Additional booster products for the skin such as Hyaluronic Acid and Retinoids

– Chemical Peels – deeper penetrating

– Microneedling

– Injectable wrinkle relaxers and fillers

– Assessment and introduction to nutraceutical supplements for skin support


Age 40 years+ :

The focus here is to start in-depth work on resurfacing the skin, minimising ageing and once again removing all sign of pigmentation. At this age, we will also need to start working on tightening and lifting the skin and jawline.


You will now need to consider having hormonal screens and supplementation is now key to prevent burn out and ageing.


– Exilis Elite for skin tightening and contouring of the jawline

– Fraxel Dual Laser for refining skin texture, eliminating pigmentation and lifting action.

– Hormonal Screening

– Chemical peels

– PDO Threads – lifting and boosting collagen formation, esp. on jowls


In closing

If you haven’t started on your own beauty bucket list, maybe it’s time to start implementing or planning for one.



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