Bunny lines – what they are and how to treat them effectively

Bunny lines – what they are and how to treat them

Chances are you’ve heard of crow’s feet – those lines that span from the outer corner of your eyes. But do you know about bunny lines? These are lines that appear on either side of your nose, just a little lower than your eyes, when you wrinkle it. Many people aren’t bothered by them. But if they’re something that annoys you, you’ll be glad to know they’re an easy fix.

Know your wrinkle

You get two types of wrinkles. Static lines that are always visible and dynamic ones that appear when you move your face. Eventually, as your skin begins to lose the collagen that gives it its stretch, all dynamic lines will become static ones. So, while bunny lines might start out dynamically, if you don’t treat them early, they’ll eventually become ingrained on either side of your nose. Again, some people aren’t bothered by this, but others will be. In this case, your best solution will always be botulinum toxin injections.

Inject to perfect!

With just a few quick botulinum toxin injections, an experienced aesthetic doctor will be able to relax your nose-scrunching muscles. If they’re not moving, they’re not going to be able to create those lines, regardless of how hard you to try to wrinkle your nose. Even though it’s a quick in-and-out treatment, it’s still very important that you see a highly-skilled doctor. After all, sometimes bunny lines are an unappreciated “gift” that occurs when an inexperienced injector administers too much botulinum toxin between the brows.  

Your nose, but better minus the bunny lines 

Interestingly, bunny lines aren’t the only thing botulinum toxin can improve when it comes to noses. As we age, our depressor septi nasi muscles start pulling our nose downwards. Again, just a few units of botulinum toxin injected just under the nose can give this muscle a break. The result? A drooping nose tip becomes perkier and more youthful-looking once more! Another way botulinum toxin can help improve your nose is by correcting an excessive nasal flare. If you feel your nostrils flare too much, a few injections along both sides of your nose can prevent them from expanding too widely.

In short, when you’re in the hands of an experienced injector, there’s a lot they can do to improve the look of your nose. All without having to go anywhere near a knife!


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