Dull Skin: Is your skin looking dull, grey and lacking radiance?

Dull Skin Is your skin looking dull grey and lacking radiance

Dull skin is easy to remedy. All it takes is a little investment and some loving attention. The skin is the body’s first point of defence against many elements and bacteria. As such it is constantly renewing itself, in order to maintain a healthy and strong defence. The problem is you need to remove dead skin and stimulate the circulation now and then.


A good skin care regime and a professional treatment regularly is an integral part of healthy vibrant skin.


What does dull skin look like?

However as we age our natural body processes slow down, and this can often be seen on the skin’s surface, presenting as:

– tired looking skin

– a dull complexion (greyish/yellowish in colour)

– a dry and dehydrated texture and patches

– superficial lines and wrinkles


How can I get rid of dull skin?

It is our bodies ability to stimulate the natural repairing process via cell turnover that would normally give our skin that natural glow thanks to the replenished vital oils. These skin processes are drastically affected and slowed down from the age of approximately 25 years old.


Typical indicators are pigmentation, wrinkle formation, red blotchy patches and sagging skin. It stands to reason then that the earlier you start addressing a dull skin, and start the stimulation of cell turnover the more your skin will benefit. Prevention is always better than cure!


What can you do to improve the skin’s appearance?

Make use of topical home therapies such as Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Retinol and after 30 years of age even consider using the Skin Needling Rollers (for home use) to improve your complexion and skin tone.


Make use of cosmeceutical products to improve collagen stimulation and cellular regeneration such as:

– The Dermaheal range of growth factors and peptides from Lamelle Research laboratories.

– Skin Actives from Neostrata, containing retinol, apple stem cell extracts, glycolic acid, NeoGlucosamine and peptides.


You only get one skin for a lifetime, so invest in your face and body wisely!


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