Endymed: Micro-Needling And Radiofrequency To Overhaul Skin

Endymed: Micro-Needling And Radiofrequency To Overhaul Skin

Less is more when it comes to your OOTD and animal print. But less certainly isn’t more for overhauling your skin. Nowadays, it’s all about combining treatments. Hello Endymed – enter the world of new-age micro-needling – means your skin benefits beautifully. And not just during the actual therapy! Struggling with scarring or acne scarring? And deep wrinkles? They may seem completely hard to budge! Endymed Intensif RF Micro-Needling blends trauma-free treatment with a speedier recovery time. And it’s all thanks to a combination of tech so that your skin gets safe yet targeted help. 

New-Age Micro-Needling and Your Skin 

Conditions like acne and issues like scars are complex. Treatments need expert skill and a safe system, especially for those with darker skin tones. Imagine your aesthetic practitioner doesn’t consider the risk of post-treatment pigmentation called PIH? That’s where treatment like Endymed Intensif RF Micro-Needling is different. Not only is it the most advanced of its type (radiofrequency), but the use of adjustable needles means a device that penetrates the skin at 0.5mm to 5.0mm. So, that’s micro-needling – with gold-plated needles – exactly where it’s needed and at a very precise depth. In other words? Right on target. And how does this modern skin solver team up with radiofrequency so beautifully? Combining the tapered needles in smooth motion means full blood coagulation helps the skin bleed and bruise less. And most of all, bounce back even faster post-treatment. 

RF and Skin Overhaul: Why it’s Important in Micro-Needling

Let’s talk a little more about radiofrequency in new-age micro-needling. It may seem an involved topic, but it makes perfect sense once you understand the basics. Through the non-insulated gold-plated needles, heat is generated and delivered. A fractional pulse mode (thanks extra-clever tech!) ensures it gets to the dermis safely. For you, that equals better collagen remodelling – in other words, better results! And, as your skin is stimulated much deeper and in a more even way, scars and deep wrinkles it’s precisely the treatment you need. 

The takeaway? Think of Endymed RF microneedling as a double dose of deep dermal healing. You are teaming micro-needling with radiofrequency and putting skin needling in a new league. And all while, you relax in the knowledge that your skin isn’t going to suffer after your treatment. Because who wants more problems to fix? Smart skin tech means safer choices, and that’s always happy news! 


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  1. Melanie

    Good day,

    What is the cost of this procedure – endymed

    • Beauty desk

      Hi Melanie

      Thank you for reaching out. I have passed along your info to our team and either Izak or Elaine will be in touch to assist you with prices. Regards Heather

  2. caroline hillary

    Hi there.
    I have a few questions please:

    Is this a good firming treatment for sagging skin?
    Is it better than plasma fibroblast?
    I am looking for a treatment that helps with wrinkles, acne scars and slight sagging in a comprehensive solution.
    How many sessions do you recommend and what is a quote on full face and neck?


    • Beauty desk

      Hi Caroline

      Thank you for reaching out. I have passed along your info to our team and either Izak or Eliane will be in touch to chat about your needs, what treatments are best suited to you and prices. Regards Heather