Eye bags, dark circles what is the difference and how to treat them?

Eye bags, dark circles what is the difference and how to treat them?

Eye bags and dark circles are not the technical terms which doctors use, they are however common concerns of every woman who cares what they are called? What we do know is that the eye area ages far faster than the rest of the body, this is thanks to the skin which is especially thin and vulnerable around the eye area.


What are eye bags?

Eye bags are part of the ageing process is the weakening of the tissue structures and muscles supporting your eye area. The skin starts to sag, and fat around the area around the eye can relocate into the area below your eyes. This area can also look ‘baggy’ thanks to the accumulated fluid.

Potential causes include:

– Fluid retention

– Hormone levels

– A lack of sleep

– Allergies or dermatitis

– Genetics, under-eye bags can run in families


What are dark circles?

The tear trough is located alongside the eyes, but as we get older, we lose fat under the surface of the skin. This loss of volume makes the tear trough appear even more hollow. That, in essence, means that the dark circle is something of an optical illusion. The dark shadow is simply the result of how light reflects off the surface of facial contours.

There are other common causes of true under-eye circles, these include:

– Allergies
– Eczema Contact dermatitis
– Fatigue
– Hay fever
– Heredity — dark under-eye circles, can run in families
– Pigmentation irregularities — these are a particular concern for people of colour, especially blacks and Asians

So what is the solution?

For eyebags there are two types of treatments, the first is peri-orbital creams which melt fatty deposits under the skin surface (doctor prescribed only). Alternatively, there is surgery, the surgeon removes or redistributes excess fat, muscle, and sagging skin and then rejoins the skin with tiny dissolving stitches along the lid’s natural crease or inside the lower eyelid.

For dark circles, the best option would be to address any external causes or health-related issues with your doctor. For dark circles from a lack of volume dermal fillers are the best solution to add volume and reduce the shadows under the eye area.


Talk with your skin doctor about solutions to suit your particular skin and eye area.


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