Facial Features: Does Your Face Meet Sciences ‘Gold’ Standard?

Facial Featurs Does Your Face Meet Sciences Gold Standard

Beauty may indeed be in the eye of the beholder. However as far back as the Egyptian era more than 4600 years ago, it seems as though an ideal ratio was chosen to set apart the ordinary from the extraordinary. Yes, facial features mattered.


This rule became known as the ‘Golden Ratio’. It is also known as phi (Φ) a number when mathematically rounded off is 1.62 with which most of us are familiar.


The golden ratio was used by Renaissance artists to create their masterpieces and resemble pure perfection. It is said that the golden ratio draws attention through the magnetism of perfection and beauty. The golden rule is not limited to physical beauty though. It also applies to anything and everything including artwork, buildings and the opposite sex.


Facial features and the “Golden Ratio”

Today the golden ratio can be used by those who seek perfection in their appearance, with the help of injectable musle relaxers, threads and fillers the face can now be tweaked according to the desired ‘golden face’.

The golden ratio measurements are used to determine beauty perfection:

– Ideal facial proportion – length vs width

– Streamlining facial features and contours – nose, cheekbones and jawline

– Lifting and contouring to give a more defined silhouette


This process is attainable through both surgical and non-surgical procedures which are readily available and can be tailored to the individual’s bespoke requirements.


What does the ideal face look like

Here is a look at the ‘golden ratio’ facial mask as developed by Dr Stephen Marquartdt developed as a measurement of classic beauty and also to help plastic surgeons align facial features. This gives a more symmetrical accuracy based on a series of rectangles, triangles and decagons.

See our images to view this facial mask as applied to Lauren Bacall and Angelina Jolie, tow renowned Hollywood beauties.


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