Glutathione – what it is and why you’ll want it pronto!

Glutathione - what it is and why you’ll want it

Gluta-what? Glutathione! It’s one of the most powerful antioxidants on the block and yet many still haven’t heard about it. But you’ll want to! Aside from protecting your body from the scourge of cancer-causing free-radicals, glutathione is action-packed with benefits for your health as well as your skin.

Reap the rewards of glutathione

Glutathione is naturally made in your body and you’ll find it in every single cell. It performs a myriad of important functions and just three include making DNA, supporting your immune system and detoxifying your body. Medical researchers are still uncovering all the benefits of taking glutathione in supplement form, but to date, what we know makes it a must.

A recent study published in Nutrition found that those taking a glutathione supplement experienced lowered cholesterol levels and lessened vascular stiffness. Both brilliant news for anyone in the high risk of heart disease category. Other studies have shown that glutathione is a brilliant inflammation fighter. It’s also a great supplement for anyone wanting to lose weight. Studies have shown that low glutathione levels are associated with a lower rate of burning fat and a higher rate of storing it.

Get what you need

Clearly, you’re going to want your levels in good shape, but not everybody has enough of it. Poor nutrition, exposure to environmental toxins and just the ageing process can deplete your body of this essential tripeptide. If you’re deficient, the symptoms are quite similar to that of anaemia. Think a lack of energy, brain fog, headaches and depression.

To ensure you’re getting enough, you’ll have to pile your plate with the right foods. There are those that naturally contain high concentrations. These include spinach, avocado, asparagus and okra. Interestingly, dietary glutathione isn’t brilliantly absorbed by the body. For this reason, you’ll also have to increase your intake of other foods that help increase your glutathione levels indirectly. For example, sulphur and selenium are required for the synthesis of glutathione. Make sure you include sulphur and selenium-rich rich foods like beef, poultry and fish. Taking vitamin C can also help keep your glutathione levels high. Researches think it’s because vitamin C is the first to attack free-radicals, so it spares your reserves.

Sounds complicated, right? This is why it’s much easier to simply take a glutathione supplement using pheroid technology. Simply put, this means it’s formulated in a way that enhances its absorption.

Go direct

Another way to ensure you’re getting all the benefits of this supplement is to go direct via an IV infusion treatment. This way, you can bypass any gut absorption issues and get all you need in its most potent, original form. Because of its fantastic antioxidant power, glutathione is a very popular addition to most types of IV infusions. However, it’s most often used in IV infusions formulated to brighten your skin. Yep, you heard right. Glutathione also has pigmentation-minimising benefits! It’s a very popular treatment in Japan where it’s been safely relied upon for years. Especially for those wanting to a lighter complexion.

For skin brightening, it’s recommended that you receive an IV infusion twice a week for a month. Then you can have an infusion just once a week until you achieve your desired results. If, however, you’re wanting an infusion just to boost your general health. It’s best to chat with your doctor who can assess your condition and prescribe the correct treatment path. Ultimately, when it comes to glutathione, you’re looking at nothing but benefits! 


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