Hybrid Injectables: Why They Are Happy News For Skin

Hybrid Injectables: Why They Are Happy News For Skin

What kickstarted your skincare journey? Was it your bestie sharing her incredible results or maybe finding a fantastic therapist who helped you sort out your skin? Perhaps, your first ever experience of injectables changed the way you thought about non-invasive treatments. The beauty of aesthetic medicine is that it’s savvy. Modern innovation means treatments are constantly improving to keep up with patients’ needs for their skins. And yes, an anti-ageing effect is always a win, but long-lasting vitality can be injected back into the skin for a boost that gets better with time (hello hybrid injectables). This process is known as bio-regeneration and treats skin with ongoing collagen creation. In other words, your skin isn’t just given back that fullness of youth but slowly lifted too. Happy days? Oh yes!

Hybrid Injectables: What You Need To Know

Those dermal fillers you love treat specific areas of your face. And that’s their job. They’re targeted to add fullness and zone in concerns you may have. Hybrid injectables like HArmonyCa work a little differently. They also use hyaluronic acid (HA) to give skin back youthful fullness but combined with calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA), you have a real power couple. The two ingredients together give you double the skin benefits, so you get the plumpness of young skin with a beautiful glow. And you’ll see this almost immediately. Of course, slow and steady wins the race, and thanks to CaHA, you’ll see the paybacks of a collagen re-build. This may take a little time, but it’s worth the wait for skin that needs natural and long-lasting lifting. Also, think of HArmonyCa as an overall anti-ageing treatment for skin needing that volume and lift back. While the treatment can target specific areas, its magic lies in improving the general appearance of many facial zones. 

In The Zone: HArmonyCa and Your Treatment Areas

Sure, it’s incredible to think of giving your skin a complete anti-ageing treatment, but hybrid injectables like HAmonyCa work hard to fill and lift areas prone to lines and wrinkles. Just a few include templesmarionette lines, nasolabial foldscheekbones, bridge of the nose and even the back of your hands. This area of the body is often forgotten about. Remember, as you get older, the back of your hands lose fat (sounds good, but not really). All this means is that your skin shows wrinkles and age spots with less fullness and elasticity. 

Thinking of this therapy as one syringe, many benefits? Exactly, you got it! Get your skin glowing again, add that volume you’ve been missing and slowly but surely build-essential collagen for a natural lift. And where skin shows your age is where bio-regeneration gets to work. Here’s to hybrid and to moving ahead on your skin journey. We know it’s full of promise and happy skin days. 


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