Nice ice, baby: How to beat irritation with an ice pack

Nice ice baby How to beat inflammation and puffiness with an ice pack

Kate Moss once shared a few of her beauty essentials with W Magazine. Naturally, black eyeliner was in there. She also told them her favourite perfume was Chanel No 5. But when it came to looking after her skin, you might be surprised to learn that her secret is surprisingly simple – rubbing an ice cube on her face in the morning to make puffy, tired skin look instantly awake.


Kate isn’t the only fan of icing. Celebrity make-up artist Lisa Eldrige swears by ice facials to help wake up models when they’re either jet lagged or still half asleep on set thanks to a super early call time. As the cold causes your skin to contact, you get to enjoy a temporary tightening effect. In a way, it’s like an instant corset for your face!


Screen icon Joan Crawford was also a believer in the power of ice. Every morning and night, after cleansing, the Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? star would splash her face with ice water – no less than twenty-five times.


Ice therapy, how it works

There are several instant beauty benefits from exposing your skin to ice. For one, it restricts your blood vessels, as a result, it can help reduce inflammation. This makes it useful to calm any redness or swelling, even that caused by acne.


If you’re dealing with puffy eyes, ice can help you out in this department too. In the same way that a cold compress can restrict blood vessels and reduce its circulation, it can also reduce the flow of fluid.


No mess, no fuss ice treatments

If you’re keen to reap the beauty benefits of ice, you don’t have to deal with a drippy ice cube, face the horror of an arctic shower or get jiggy with a bag of peas. Simply try a Little Eskimo face mask. A gel-filled mask that can be used time and time again, you can choose from one that covers your entire face (R185, Skin Renewal) or another that will just span your eye area (R95, Skin Renewal).


Using them couldn’t be easier, mainly because they both come with their own little fabric pouch. A useful touch as this means they are protected as you store them in your fridge or freezer. Once they’re nice and cold, you can apply them for fifteen minutes and enjoy a 100-percent natural way to beat inflammation, tone and de-puff – all without getting wet!


If you’ve just had an in-office procedure, like injectables or neurotoxins , applying a cold gel mask can also help you give any potential swelling or possible bruising the cold shoulder.


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