Micro-Needling with Radio Frequency : Why It Can Really Save Skin

Micro-Needling with Radio Frequency : Why It Can Really Save Skin

Micro-needling is a non-invasive aesthetics buzz term that you may have heard quite a bit about. “I’ve got my skin needling today,” says your BFF. Perhaps she’s referring to treatments like Dermapen, which are very much part of a quality medical skin therapy regime. And why’s it so loved? For many, it’s an overall facial anti-ageing boost like no other.

By triggering collagen and elastin creation, the skin is healed – and that means “de-aged” – from controlled micro-injuries. In other words, your skin is given a message to repair the damage, and so it goes into recovery mode. However, the type of device used needs to be suitable for skins that can be prone to trauma. Yes, even planned trauma. Especially skin types that may battle with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).  

What’s the Deal with Cauterisation & RF Micro-Needling?

 It’s no good treating issues like fine lines, wrinklesacne scarslarge pores and sun-damaged skin if you’re going to risk harm to your beautiful skin during the treatment itself. 

Radiofrequency micro-needling like The Secret™ RF is designed with all skin types. It works on an approach that delivers heat energy to the skin, getting that essential collagen revved up for skin repair. However, thanks to radiofrequency in the mix – which isn’t present in some other versions of skin needling – the skin is cauterised as the needles hit. And why does this matter? Well, no bleeding during your treatment. And so, if your skin is very sensitive or prone to PIH, that helps hugely with skin trauma. It also means very little to no downtime. 

I Need a Hero: Other Benefits of RF Micro-Needling

Apart from sparing the skin – and that’s a biggie – this modern treatment highlights the power of innovative tech. And while it’s one of those innovative therapies that can be personalised to do precisely what you need it to, it’s also an excellent overall anti-ager. Got uneven skin tone and texture? Struggling with your loose skin and need a lift? RF Micro-needling is the type of care that can help turn your skin’s clock back by treating the common signs of ageing. And then take things further. Look to your specific needs like stretchmark treatment. Happy days!

Ultimately we live in a time where choice is about more. However, the skin needs careful consideration to stay happy and healthy. Everyone’s skin is wonderfully different, and – luckily – now there’s a safe option no matter what your therapy requirements are. Here’s to your best treatment journey. Ever!   


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