Neck Rejuvenation: 3 Ways To Get A More Youthful Neck

Neck Rejuvenation 3 Ways To Get A More Youthful Neck

Most of us take good care of the skin on our face. We apply sunscreen. We invest in an anti-ageing skincare routine. But what about the skin on our neck? This is an area many tend to neglect until it’s almost too late. We only notice when we start to see the first signs of ageing that are loose, crepey-looking skin and lines that start to appear vertically. Time to consider neck rejuvenation.


If you’ve found yourself starting to worry about a neck that no longer matches your face you’ll be glad to know there are several things you can do to turn back the clock. Here are just three that can make a world of difference.


Neck Rejuvenation Solution: Tighten up with Titan!

Titan is one of the most innovating skin tightening laser treatments around. The device heats up the deeper layers of your skin in a way that causes them to contract. This is the tightening effect that you’ll see immediately after your treatment. But things don’t stop there. Titan’s heat also stimulates your fibroblasts, essentially your skin’s collagen-making factories. This causes them to create fresh new collagen that will bloom in a couple of weeks post-treatment.


The effects of a Titan treatment are cumulative, so you’d have to have several over a period of months to get the desired results. In most cases, four to six treatments spaced a month apart are what’s needed to create a tighter, more youthful-looking neck. There is no downtime with a Titan treatment. You can go straight back to work the very same day and look forward to results that just improve session after session.


Neck Rejuvenation Solution: Filler to the rescue

Not too worried about loose skin but have deep wrinkles that run vertically across your neck? Happily, this is an easy fix thanks to a little bit of carefully placed dermal filler. Again, this is a quick, lunchtime treatment with no downtime. All you have to do is lie back and relax while an aesthetic doctor injects a little filler into the furrow of each line. Relax! This doesn’t have to hurt. A little topical anaesthetic can be applied beforehand to ensure you won’t feel a thing.


Once the filler is placed, the doctor can use their fingers to smooth it out. You’ll immediately see a difference and the effect will last around three to four months if not longer. Then, when it starts to wear off, you can pop in for a “top-up” to maintain your new, line-free neck.


Neck Rejuvenation Solution: A Nefertiti neck lift

A Nefertiti neck lift is an innovative non-surgical procedure that can help you create a smoother, more toned-looking jawline. It gets its name from the Egyptian queen famed for her long, beautiful neck.


Multiple muscle-relaxing injections are performed along your lower jaw and down the sides of your neck. This softens the platysma muscle that can pull down your jawline while allowing your facial muscles to pull your skin upwards. The result will become visible in a few days once the muscle-relaxing injections begin to take effect. This is when you’ll start to see a much smoother, tighter-looking neck and jawline.


As with all muscle-relaxing injection treatments, the result will last around three to four months. You can repeat the treatment whenever you feel it’s necessary to maintain your lovely new look. You can also enhance it further with additional treatments like a Titan skin tightening treatment or even threads to help lift your neck further.


The bottom line

It’s never too late to start looking after your neck! Start extending the anti-ageing treatments you use on your face to below your jawline to keep your neck looking younger for longer. If, however, you feel like things have already started to droop, there’s a lot you can do to rejuvenate and create a firmer, line-free look that will have you feeling good about your neck.


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