Party Skin: How To Effectively Treat Pre & Post Skin Woes

Pre And Post Party Skin

The skin is the largest living organ of the body. It therefore needs much care and attention in order to stay looking at it’s best over a lifetime. Wisdom teaches us that life happens and so do parties. It’s how we prepare our party skin that can make all the difference.


Partying and drinking copious amounts of alcohol can dehydrate the skin and body … yes, even those delicious Cosmo’s are the devil disguised ladies! Perspiration and cigarette smoke molecules (the equivalent of pollution) sit on the surface of the skin oxidising and ageing the skin as the night progresses.


Skin and handy hints on how to prepare for a party, and how to help the skin recover after a party:


Pre – Party Skin Tips

– A week prior to a major binge party, ensure you up your water intake by at least 2 – 3 glasses per day.

– For an overall glow, treat yourself to a Beta Hydroxy Peel these eliminate dead skin cells and give your face a smooth and even texture.

– Apply a hydrating mask the night before the event, this boosts the moisture levels of the skin, and as a result, helping the skin to cope with the dehydration which occurs post party.


Post – Party Skin Tips

– No matter how late you stumble in from the party, ensure that you wash your face. Smoke and sweat particles aggravate or scratch the skin at a microscopic level often resulting in red blotchy skin and pimples.

– Use a hydrating serum to boost the skins hydration levels once again.

– Get plenty of rest, it is important to regain lost sleep so that your body is not in a state of stress. Stress results in hormone disruptions and imbalances.

– Drink water to restore hydration to the body and alternate with Green Tea to detoxify the body.


If you a regular ‘party animal’ it is important to note that supplementation is vital in assisting your body to cope with the constant changes and fluctuations in the environment (cigarette smoke), sleep patterns (late nights) and external aggressors which will cause the skin to age prematurely.


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