Plumping It Up: A Girl’s Guide To Adding Volume & Eliminating Lines

Plumping It Up: A Girl's Gide To Adding Volume & Eliminating Lines

When you were younger you might have worried about wrinkles but you probably weren’t too concerned about plumping it up. That was something only much older women had to worry about, right? I mean sure, you might want to add some volume. Many would appreciate a fuller-looking lip line. But what you had was going to be there for decades to come, surely?

Fast forward a little bit and suddenly it’s a different story. Many are still in their late twenties and now concerned about the lines that are starting to appear on your face. Also, have you noticed that the dark circles underneath your eyes are starting to look more pronounced? Many think that’s got to do with not getting enough sleep. But wait for it – that’s due to a gradual loss of volume. Specifically the pad that sits in the tear trough area of your eyes. So, how do we fix this? Happily, if you’re in the hands of a skilled aesthetic doctor, the answer is “with ease”!

Plumping it up? Bye wrinkle, bye! 

Using a dermal filler is a brilliant way to fill up lines as well as restore lost volume. However, when it comes to the former, it depends on the type of wrinkle you’re dealing with. The type that appear in the upper half of your face – think forehead lines and crow’s feet – are called dynamic lines. These appear due to repeated expressions. They gradually etch their way onto your skin as it thins and becomes less able to bounce back like it used to. Don’t worry – there’s an easy fix for these. It’s botulinum toxin!

The lines that tend to appear on the bottom part of your face. You know they appear, are always there, regardless of your expression, are called static lines. Examples are nasolabial lines, marionette lines or even a crease below your chin. These are the type that are best to fill as opposed to “freeze”. This is easy to do with just a little bit of dermal filler injected directly into the line to plump it up. Better yet, unlike Botox, you don’t have to wait up to two weeks for the final result. You’ll literally leave your appointment and that pesky line will either be gone or dramatically diminished. Of course, nothing lasts forever, so you will have to pop back in for a top-up as the filler dissolves. But depending on which type your injector uses as well as the placement, the results could last for up to nine months. 

About those eyes

So, we mentioned those dark under-eye circles. Again, filler can be your friend. It can be injected directly into the tear trough area to bolster that thinning fatty pad and – just like that – they’ll lighten up and you’ll look instantly refreshed. Still, as this is a very delicate area to treat, you really want to go to a highly experienced injector, preferably one that’s trained in the MD Codes method. This means they won’t just point and shoot but will take your entire face into account. When it comes to restoring volume below your eyes, they’ll do so very carefully to avoid a common pitfall – the incorrect placement that can create an under eye bag. They might also add a slightly more viscous filler to the tops of your cheeks that can act as a dam wall. This will prevent the filler just underneath your eyes from sliding downwards. 

A little lift 

On the subject of cheekbones, these are very easy to build up using dermal volumiser. If you want a fabulous little “shelf” to pop your highlighter onto, you can get it, just by plumping it up! However, adding volume to the mid-part of your face – the first place women tend to lose it – has another benefit and that’s to create a little lift!

Think about it. If you had to pop a pillow under your dress and hold it on your stomach the hem of your dress would rise, right? Filler in the mid-face area – like your cheeks – can have the same effect. This means it can help soften the look of nasolabial folds, those “overhangs” that can appear around the sides of your mouth. 

In short, when it comes to filler, it can do a lot more than just plump up your pout. But just remember, your results will always depend on the skill of your injector. So don’t mess around, always make an appointment to see the very best. So there you have it, many reasons you need to prioritise plumping it up.


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