Sagging Skin: Injectable Solutions For Tightening & A Sharper Profile

Sagging Skin: Injectable Solutions For Tightening & A Sharper Profile

Losing volume in your face? Those jowls you keep staring at in the mirror – are thanks to annoying sagging skin. And other areas of the face that lose that beautiful youthful bounce, like the cheeks, can be re-shaped with volumisers like Restylane Fillers. Has your aesthetic medical doctor told you about the hard-working benefits of Restylane Lyft? How it’s injected – on the high point of your cheekbone – is how the magic happens. And that’s what you need to lift jowls and sharpen a soft-looking jawline. What’s the secret? Where Restylane Lyft is shot precisely into the skin. 

Sagging Skin Solution: Your Jowls and Frown

As the clock ticks on, many women see a grumpier expression as their face rests naturally, and therefore many equate getting older to looking moodier? No way! It’s simply skin ageing and that unavoidable loss of elasticity. Sadly the sag is real. But it doesn’t have to stay. How Restylane Lyft, with the highest form of G Prime of the dermal fillers, freshens up the top part of the face. In other words, just one dermal volumiser makes a difference to the jawline. This is done by injecting at the G point. The G what, you say?

As a result, you can feel the connective tissue that keeps your face up, tightening and it get better with time. It also helps the tear trough by restoring volume in the cheek area. What does this all mean for those jowls and downturned mouths you’re not loving right now? The whole antimony of the face is lifted, so your jawline is corrected – and so is that frown. 

A Sharper Profile: Understanding the G Point 

The winning formula to get a stronger, leaner jawline and profile back to where it once was, means the trick isn’t just in the treatment, because it’s the hand that holds the syringe that is so important therefore researching an expert aesthetic medical doctor who knows exactly where to mark up your face means is like finding a facial “artist”. Versus someone who sees the process as a one-size-fits-all approach. Your face is unique, so your G Point needs to marked exactly where your skin needs to be lifted.

This is done through facial assessment and mapping, they will be able to mark strategic points on your face. This means the dermal volumiser gets injected right where it needs to, at spot-on sites for tightening the major ligaments and muscles that help jowls to firm up. And that downturned mouth you’re not loving? This process of injecting will lift that too because often these area’s have a piggy back effect. 

Mirror Mirror: The Process and Results

We all love a little instant gratification. And while a Restylane Lyft treatment may take an hour on some, for others it can take as little as 15 minutes. It’s like an “instant facelift”. After the skin is sterilised and anesthetised (if needs be), it’s a simple case of injecting, massaging and checking results. As for the pain factor – therefore we know that’s always a hot topic – for some, the treatment may be pain-free, and others may feel a bit uncomfortable. What you’ll see straight away? Lifted skin for a stronger jawline, as well as a noticeable difference in your tear trough area. 

Time to tighten those jowls? Sick and tired of hollow-looking eyes? Because Restylane Lyft is about restoring volume and firming up that sagging skin.


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  1. Stela coelho

    What is the cost of this and how long does it last

    • Beauty desk

      Hi Stela

      With regards to Restylane boosters and the costs involved I will get our team to assist you via email. Have a super day.



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