Satin Pillowcases and why your hair and skin need them now!

Satin Pillowcases And Why Your Hair And Skin Need Them Now

Satin pillowcases have long been getting the thumbs up from beauty bloggers worldwide, but why? It is simple really, it seems these ‘miracle pillow slips’ have great beauty benefits for both hair and skin!


Satin Pillowcases for a more youthful you!

Resting on a smooth pillow surface reduces the appearance of sleep lines and the formation of wrinkles on your face. How? Well, there is less ‘drag’ on the skin when you toss and turn at night. Along with a smooth surface which allows your skin to slip and prevents lines from forming.

Our friend’s at Dear Deer had the following to say about satin pillow slips ‘Being a polyester material, satin doesn’t absorb moisture the way natural fibres like cotton do. As we all know, one of the many reasons our skin can look tired, dry and lined is due to a lack of hydration. Sleeping on satin minimises facial lines, wrinkles, and puffiness. Another plus? Satin won’t absorb your expensive night creams.” – Chelle

Another hidden benefit is that for people prone to breakouts and acne, friction can be a big deal, it causes infected pimples to open and spread bacteria on the pillowcase. This accelerates the infection and worsens an already aggravated skin.


Satin Pillowcases to reduce frizz

Satin pillowcases prevent frizzing and roughing of the hairs cuticle by minimising the friction of tossing and turning while asleep at night. And, for those who spend hours flat ironing or curling their hair, it contributes to prolonging your hairstyle.

“Dear Deer pillowslips help your hair maintain its natural moisture, which prevents dry frizziness, split ends and breakage.” – Chelle

Why other pillowcases just won’t do!

Sadly, standard cotton and cotton blend pillowcases are moisture-sucking monsters. They cause a lot of friction, absorb your valuable skincare and result in significant hair breakage.

Resting on a smoother surface will help reduce the appearance of sleep lines and the formation of wrinkles and improve your skin’s hydration levels.



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