Selfie Surgery:Twenty Somethings & Their Quest For Perfection

Selfie Surgery & The Twenty Somethings

Modern times dictate that as long as social media is booming the selfie will reign supreme. Whereas once life was fairly closeted and private it now seems that people wish to share every little detail. Sharing every detail pertaining to their day online. This has resulted in a “selfie surgery” trend.


Where did selfie surgery start?

With celebrities such as Rihanna, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian encouraging the ‘selfie’. This created a culture of sharing their beauty treatments, perfect pouts, buxom buttocks and perfect cleavages on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter it has created a whole new trend amongst the twenty-something generation, the so-called ‘selfie surgery’.


Twenty-somethings have embraced the idea of ‘if you don’t like it, fix it’ and it’s not surprising really, considering that this generation has grown up seeing celebs constantly altering their appearances through surgery, botox and fillers. What was once taboo and only whispered about in quiet corridors, has now become the norm. Plastic surgeons are claiming that more and more twentysomethings are knocking on their doors, looking to improve how they look in selfies on social media.


What you should know about so-called “selfie surgery” or alternative treatments:

Our greatest concern would be that you consider the following when it comes to injectables and enhancing or altering your personal appearance:

– Plan what you are wanting to do and seek professional advice

– Save & budget for your treatment, cheaper is not better

– Always look for a well-known establishment that is qualified and certified to perform the required changes

– Ensure that you have a fully qualified medical professional attending to you

– Ensure that the product being used is from a legitimate supplier, has a batch code and can be verified. Black market products are rife in the industry and these can be expired products, watered down and even toxic, causing serious damage to your appearance



Injectables administered by an unqualified person may result in bruising, damage and in serious cases even lead to blindness.


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