Skin Condition: How to better your wellbeing & your skin’s health

Skin Condition: How to better your wellbeing & your skin's health

Want gorgeous-looking skin? Conditions like dullnessbreakouts, or ageing take the life out of your complexion. Additionally, they can stress you out. And with conditions like rosacea and eczema, feeling stressed can make your skin look and feel worse. Not what you want to hear, right? Think of looking after your skin as an organ. In other words, it’s the largest one you have. If you take care of its health from the inside, you’re looking for a cause rather than a problem. This will improve your skin condition and eliminate your concerns.

Better Skin Condition Starts at the Source

What’s going on inside your body shows up on your face? That’s the – rather blunt – question you need to ask yourself when talking about skin and its health. Overall your skin will actually tell you things about your state of being. Your complexion looking yellowish? You could have too much waste product in your body. This is the skin’s way of letting you know it’s battling with jaundice, for instance. While that may sound way more serious than a breakout or two, acne is also speaking up. Breakouts are known to communicate a possible health problem depending on where they crop up. T-zone pimples? Maybe your gut is imbalanced, or you have food allergies? For women, pre-menstrual breakouts are common on the chin and lower jaw. And some believe a red nose with congestion is a sign of heightened blood pressure. It’s a good idea to check this with your medical aesthetic doctor if you’re concerned. In fact, any skin condition needs a health check to discover the source. And that’s the trick to start the turnaround process.  

Better Skin Wellbeing: How to Improve It

It’s terrific to know what is inside your body, but now to see results on your face! Take issues like anti-ageing; can it really be improved by better wellness? Ask your healthcare professional about a blood diagnostic analysis. Many of us rush to buy supplements to boost skin as we age but don’t often research what’s going us with us as individuals. Start with your own wellbeing first. What’s happening with your levels of hormones, vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals? Many smart supplements like Omega 3 are known as clever anti-inflammatories. Now, support inflammation in the body and help de-age your skin. Omega 3 can do this by keeping your skin’s hydration in check and soothing irritation. In other words, keeping it happier and healthier. 

We know you like to keep life simple these days. And we don’t blame you. Life is…a lot! But for skin health, thinking about things from all angles will get you results. So, it’s not just about an appointment. And not just about treatment. And, it’s certainly not just about a product. It’s about the expert knowledge of combining everything, so your skin is healthy from start to Happy Birthday 100! Basically, it’s a journey.

And it can be such a beautiful one! 


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