Sunblock, is it a necessary evil or part of your anti-ageing toolkit?

Sunblock is it a necessary evil or part of your anti-ageing toolkit

Last week I received my package from Skin Online, wow was I super excited! It is the sunblock 50+ by Heliocare. What caught my eyes was the BRIGHT and very appealing packaging. Heliocare is a brand from Spain. You can only find it at Spa / Skincare Clinics / Dermatologists as well as at Skin Renewal branches.


Do we really need sunblock?

The answer Yeeeessss!! With our climate changing it is necessary to protect our skin from the Harmful sun ray’s and against UVA / UVB sun rays.
Heliocare is a new era dermatological skincare protection. It contains Fernblock and antioxidants. What is really great ABOUT this sunblock is that it is clinically proven to protect your skin. And the bonus, it’s oil-free and suitable for all skin types, offering a broad spectrum of 50+”.

Heliocare sunblock review

I applied it to my skin, and it immediately absorbed into my skin. The smell is amazing, it has a Citrus smell … uplifting your mood immediately. It retails for R375.00 for a 50ml.

Would I buy this again?

Hell yes. I suffer from severe hyperpigmentation and I need good high coverage of sunblock. I’m already hooked on the Heliocare 50+ sunblock. What’s not to love about these products? Nothing honestly, it’s oil-free, a 50+ factor, it leaves no white residue like most other sunblocks, and the price is reasonable.
Soooo my beautiful peeps do not forget to seek shade from the harmful sunlight, wear your Sunblock rain or shine,  and your hats ..etc. Unless you want to age prematurely… it’s up to you.
Find all your skincare needs at one of my favourite online skin stores, and make sure your skin stays healthy and happy.


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