Tighter Firmer Skin? Listen up, there’s a (Very Modern) Device for That!

Tighter Firmer Skin? Listen up, there’s a (Very Modern) Device for That!

We all point at lines and wrinkles and complain they’re the ageing culprits. But what about skin laxity? Remember tighter, firmer skin? Our genes, sun exposure, and simply ageing are all to blame for skin losing elasticity. It happens over time. It can even occur prematurely. Hello, stress and too much UV. As you smooth on another miracle cream – and believe us, we’re very pro skincare investment – know that innovative treatment must be partnered with topical therapy for many. Have you heard of Endymed medical treatments? These tech-lead treatments mean incredible things for skin needing rejuvenation. Targeting tightness and firming, ENDYMED 3 DEEP RF Tightening can work on even the most delicate facial areas. Intrigued? Read on…

The Device for a Tighter, Firmer Skin In The Eye Area


You may have smoothed out that creased forehead, but that loose skin around your eyes is another matter. Delicate and thin, it’s prone to breaking down. There’s also the part of actually having anything near your pupils, right? For some, the idea of a skin laser device on their lids is enough to buy shares in eye cream. But wait, the safety aspects of ENDYMED 3 DEEP RF Tightening mean more than just superb collagen and elastic fibre creation. Thanks to energy control, the radio frequency is carried through the skin, targeting the areas that need lifting and tightening. Tech that gives you complete therapy but can be a personalised treatment helps with specific challenges.  

Don’t Forget the Neck! Modern Treatment Below the Jawline

Remember to always sweep your serums and creams down past the jawline? Oh yes, your neck needs some love too. For skin laxity on the neck, including jawline and chin, this laser treatment works safely on all skin types. Hate the terms ‘double chin’ or ‘turkey neck’? Even the contemporary ‘tech neck’ isn’t what a fabulous 40-something-year-old wants to hear! They needn’t scare you though. Think skin resurfacing for collagen remodelling. Sessional therapy (may require up to eight treatments), which is why it’s so important to have this type of procedure done with a doctor’s consult and care. 

Honestly, who really wants a facelift? And who needs one with the latest non-invasive aesthetic medical treatment? We have devices for everything these days. If you can run your house from a small gadget, you can lift, firm and tighten with the latest tech for beautiful skin. 


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