Tontouring, The New Summer-Proof Contouring!

Tontouring, The New Summer-Proof Contouring!

Summer is just around the corner, soon the hot balmy days will return pushing up the temperature and leaving a soft glisten on the skin.

The problem with summer is perspiration and the make up ‘mudslide’, unless you are one of the fortunate few who are not really affected by the heat. One of the latest new trends to hit the beauty scene is the new ‘summer-proof’ contouring, known as ‘Tontouring’!

For those of you who also have a puzzled look on your face, Tontouring is the new rage in long lasting contouring, made possible by the use of progressive self tan products and the brainchild FEMAIL and demonstrated by Marissa Carter founder of Cocoa Brown tan (Is TONTOURING the key to flawless skin?).

Benefits of Tontouring:
– Long-lasting results (from 3 – 6 days)
– Progressive self tan is used and can therefore give a more natural look
– Precision contouring
– Great for those who perspire in hot weather

Handy Hints:
– Only use gradual self tanners as these are considered to be fail safe as the colour is progressive, whereas instant self tans tend to be streaky and to intense.
– For best results consider having a microdermabrasion treatment to remove all the dead skin and plump up the skin. This will give you an even and dewy textured finish.
– Always apply the gradual self tanner with a make up brush to give you an even and contoured look. A stipple brush is highly recommended.

This summer seems to be set as far contouring goes, now the gel toes and finger nails, life just got far more manageable this summer.


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