Vitamin C, the new skin care hero and here’s why?

Vitamin C The New Skin Care Hero And Here Is Why

Vitamin C is by no means a new ingredient in skin care, it is, however, making a huge comeback!

Are you currently to seeing vitamin C hailed as the “hero” skin care ingredient, but you’re not sure what it does or why you need it?


What does vitamin c do?

Vitamin C is an ingredient which not only adds radiance to the skin but also treats both pigmentation and ageing. It brightens the skin and also stimulates the exfoliation process of the skin. Added to this it is also a powerful antioxidant which promotes the production of collagen production.


How do you use it?

When it comes to skincare, vitamin C comes in many forms, including liquid, powder or cream. Powdered formulas tend to extend the shelf life of the products but are not as popular as their counterparts. Serums tend to take precedence as they oxidise at a slower rate, as a result, it gives them a longer shelf life overall.

However what many don’t realise is that vitamin C needs to be slowly introduced into your skincare regime, to avoid overstimulation. Reactions are a result of overstimulating the skin.


How long do the products last?

As it is not a very stable molecule and easily oxidises, the rule of  “the fresher the better,” stands. No active products should be on the shelf for more than 3 months once opened and usually have a shelf life of a year. Always check your product for the manufacture or expiry dates and once you open it, use it!


What are the best products?

For quick results try Matriskin Vitamin C 5% Serum or the higher strength Obagi Professional C Serum. Add two pumps of this Neostrata Enlighten Pigment Controller to see results for pigmentation.

In conclusion, when considering a brand or product always keep in mind the results you wish to achieve. Consult a professional and use your product until it is finished to avoid it expiring.


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