Wrinkle Removing treatments, our top five trending now

Wrinkle Removing Treatments Our Top Five Trending Now

Wrinkle removing and treatments to fight the signs of ageing are vast. There is a multitude of procedures and products available to aid in turning back the hands of time and many of them carry costly price tags. But what really works? Here’s the lowdown on the top treatments currently trending.


Wrinkle removing treatments that are here to stay

Treatments may come and go, but so far these five treatments have gone this distance and are therefore here to stay.


External wrinkle removing

– Sunscreen

No this is not an old wives tale. Sunscreen is still your number one defence against ageing. By simply wearing sunscreen all year round, you will both help prevent wrinkles and prevent sun damage such as pigmentation. However, your results will only be as good as the product you choose: Make sure it’s an SPF of 30 or more for adequate protection, and apply it every morning, rain or shine, otherwise, it doesn’t count! Apply it to both your face and neck.

– Retinol & antioxidants

Of the many skin-care ingredients on the market, retinol, a derivative of vitamin A, is the most rigorously studied and published for battling wrinkles. This ingredient is well documented for skin rejuvenation and repair. Retinol works by increasing the collagen layer in the skin, making it look smoother and younger. Other well-known antioxidants include peptides, growth factors, and stabilized vitamin C.


Internal wrinkle removing

– Lasers

Laser resurfacing like Fraxel, Fraxel Dual, Laser Genesis are professional treatments which work below the skin’s surface to erase the sun damage that creates lines and wrinkles. Laser is highly effective at treating pigmentation, refining pores, and minimising scars. A series of a few sessions spaced a few weeks apart may be needed for optimal results.

– Injectables

Known as neuromodulators, neurotoxins or anti-wrinkle injections, these injectables help block muscular nerve signals. The lack of contractions weakens and prevents the muscle from contracting. Because of the lack of movement, it results in a relaxation of wrinkles and a smoother skin. Botulinum Toxin is still the leading minimally invasive procedure for wrinkles worldwide.

– Nutraceuticals

Supplements containing antioxidants and minerals are flooding shelves these days. Nutraceuticals are supplements in the “food state”, making them more readily absorbed. These are a relatively new category of specific supplements to help your skin rejuvenate and anti-wrinkle from the inside out. You have to take the supplements consistently to see smoother skin and have the patience to do so for at least three months before assessing skin results. One of our favourites is hydrolyzed collagen.


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