Custom Contouring Your Body

Custom Contouring Your Body

Body contouring treatments are evolving and becoming very much target and goal specific these days. What may have been a suitable treatment for you in the past is not necessarily your best option today.


In order to get the best advice suited to your personal requirements we highly recommend that you visit a medical aesthetics or slimming clinic and book for a consultation.

Let a qualified therapist recommended a treatment course best suited to your body’s needs and your personal goals.


Here is a quick guide to the treatments that we use to contour and firm the body from ‘Top to Toe’:

– Exilis Elite – for skin tightening

It causes the shrinking of loose tissue immediately, as well as long term collagen production that lifts and tightens loose skin over time.

Areas that it can treat?

It is very useful in many areas such as jowls, neck, brows and especially the abdomen.

– Titania Radio Frequency – for flabbiness, stretch marks, centimeter loss, reduction of cellulite and small areas with fatty deposits.

It stimulates collagen and elastin production, improves the lymphatic circulation (which removes toxins) and is ideally suited.

Areas that it can treat?

– Double Chin, Upper Arms, Bra Bulges, Stomach, Love Handles, Thighs (outer and back), Medial knee, Buttocks, Saddlebags and Breasts / Chests / Moobs.

No matter what treatments you may be having to contour your body it is vital to exercise regularly, drink water and eat as healthily as possible.


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