Healthy eating habits to avoid extra calories over the festive season

Healthy Eating Habits To Avoid Extra Calories Over The Festive Season

Healthy eating habits fall by the wayside with the festive season, is a time of indulgence and excess. It’s good food and great times and calories galore, but there are ways that you can minimise the damage to your waistline over the festive season. By simply making a few healthy choices you can happily survive the festive season unscathed.


Healthy Eating Habits At Home

Choose veggie first

During the holidays, it’s best always to have loads of crudites, salads and vegetables on the table. It means that you can always snack and fill yourself up on healthier foods, instead gravitating towards those cookies and cakes. If you commit to snacking on low-fat, low-calorie vegetables, you will be less likely to overdo the most fattening foods and keep high cholesterol at bay.


Choose lean cuts

Try to stick to lean meat cuts, and avoid cream-laden sauces and dressings. Any type of meat which is grilled or roasted can land on the healthy food list as long as it is prepared with simple herbs and seasonings, and it is free of excess fat. Safe food choices also include all the delicious lunch meats on the holiday deli platter. It is best practice to eat slowly and chew your food properly to avoid overeating. Bite-sized pieces force you to eat slower, and they make you feel as if you are eating more than you are. This is not only great for the hips but heart healthy too.


Healthy Eating Habits At Parties

One of the best ways to ensure that you get healthy food option at a party is to bring along your favourite dish. This way, you have control over the ingredients, and you can create a healthier version of one of your favourites. For instance, instead of baked desserts bring along a fresh fruit platter; instead of mayo and creamy dressing bring along hummus, it’s all about getting creative with healthy alternatives.


Party with a plan 

Parties are where people tend to make the worst food choices if you are on a weight loss program then know your limits. Do not be tempted to fall for that ‘just one more’ mentality. Set your limit and stick to it, this will ensure that you do not get tempted to veer from your goals. Weight loss can be difficult during the holidays, but thanks to new modern eating programs even those who struggle can succeed. But, it will take will power.


Don’t skip the dessert

That’s right, eat it. Denial of something sweet will leave you tempted to binge, so have a little helping just don’t eat too much. No dessert is that bad when eaten in moderation. You might also want to skip over heavier desserts like cheesecakes and cakes and opt for the lighter meringues with fresh fruit, stewed fruit and fruit salad.

Making healthy food choices during the holiday season isn’t as hard as it seems, it just takes a conscious decision and the commitment to stick to them. Happy Holidays!


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