Lipodissolve VS Ceccarelli: How do they differ from each other?

Lipodissolve VS Ceccarelli: How do they differ from each other?

Both Lipodissolve and Ceccarelli are non-invasive in-office treatments that can help you shift a small amount of stubborn fat. They shouldn’t been seen as a way to dramatically drop a dress size. Only a small amount of fat can be treated at any given time, which is why it’s ideal for stubborn pockets of fat on an otherwise slender body. It’s the kind of thing that’s great for a chin waddle or flabby knees, not to reveal a six-pack.


While Lipodissolve and Ceccarelli are similar in many ways, there are differences between the two and we’re going to break them down to help you decide which would suit you best.


Lipodissolve injections

Also known as fat burning injections, Lipodissolve involves injecting the fatty areas that trouble you with lecithin, a natural substance that causes the fat cells to dissolve before being excreted by your body. This is much the same way you’d lose weight on your own if the fat cells being targeted weren’t so stubborn.


Lipodissolve can be used on both the body and face. As it’s a more viscous solution, it doesn’t migrate, so it’s a more targeted treatment than Ceccarelli. It can be used to enhance your jawline as well as reduce a double chin, neck waddle and flabby cheeks. This tends to result in swelling and sometimes a bit of bruising too, but the bruises can be hidden with make-up and the swelling goes down within three to five days. We’ve also found that delivering a radiofrequency treatment straight after a Lipodissolve session goes a long way towards minimising any side effects and can improve the long-term results.


All you need to know about Lipodissolve

For best results, you’d need about 4 to 8 treatments spaced two weeks apart and you’ll begin to notice a reduction in fat after the third or fourth treatment.



– Can precisely target stubborn fat on the face
– Stimulates collagen production for firmer skin
– Can be combined with other treatments
– Can be used on all skin types



– Treatment tends to produce a bit of swelling
– An extra radiofrequency treatment is advised
– You need more Lipodissolve treatments than you would Ceccarelli
– You have to wait until your fourth treatment to see results

Ceccarelli fat burning injections

Created by an Italian scientist, the Ceccarelli solution contains vitamin C, a little iron and an anaesthetic. When injected into the target area, it causes the natural destruction of the fat cell making it a quick, easy and safe way to melt away small areas of stubborn fat. It can be used on the face, but we typically use it to treat the resistant fat on the body. It’s a very reliable way to shave a few centimetres off your stomach to help you reveal abs, can help blitz love handles, bra bulges, fatty knees and even cankles.


While a Ceccarelli treatment might result in a little bruising, the swelling is much less than what you’d get with a Lipodissolve treatment and thus you don’t need an extra radiofrequency treatment afterwards. You could have it done and go back to work on the same day. You’ll also notice that results are visible within a day and will continue to improve over a two-week period.


Another of the advantages of a Ceccarelli treatment over a Lipodissolve one is that the former requires fewer sessions than the latter to achieve the same result. Because This is because, due to it not producing much swelling, you can inject a lot more Ceccarelli solution than you could Lipodissolve. This means it works a lot faster, in terms of reaching your goal, and makes it a lot easier on the pocket too.


All you need to know about Ceccarelli

For best results, you’d need about 2 to 3 treatments spaced two weeks apart.



Can treat your face but is best for larger areas like your body
Doesn’t produce as much swelling as Lipodissolve
Results are visible from the first treatment
You require less Ceccarelli treatments than you would Lipodissolve
No extra radiofrequency treatment is required
Can be combined with other treatments
Can be used on all skin types



Isn’t ideal for very precise treatments as the solution can migrate


In conclusion

If you’re wanting to get rid of stubborn fat, both Lipodissolve and Ceccarelli treatments can do the trick. Lipodissolve involves a bit of patience and downtime, but it’s ability to target small areas make it ideal for treating your face while Ceccarelli, being quicker and less expensive is a great way to get rid of fat on your body.


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  1. Chanal

    This is the first time I have heard of the injections. What will it cost me. Im big all over

    • Beauty desk

      Hi Chanal, sadly these injections only work for body contouring. In other words people who are a maximum of 5kg’s over the goal body weight.


  2. Jen

    Hi. Where are Ceccarelli treatments available?

    • Beauty desk

      Hi jen

      At all of our branches. I will get Izak to email you more info.

      Regards Heather

  3. Lynn

    Im interested in thie Ceccarelli treatment. I have a mechanical heart valve and permanently on waferin to keep my blood thickness INR on a certain range to avoid clots / bleeding.

    Would i be able to get the Ceccarelli treatment?

    • Beauty desk

      Hi Lynn

      As mentioned previously you would need to consult with one of our doctors.

      Regards Heather