Mind Over Matter, Train Your Brain!

Mind Over Matter Train Your Brain

So many of us struggle with memory retention, memory loss, and ADHD is it all in the mind? All of the aforementioned are usually attributed to the chaotic lives we lead, lives which are full of stress and pressures with which our bodies seem to just go into shut-down mode.

Your mind can be fixed

The great news is that there are new technologies that are being released, these technologies make use of neurofeedback directly from the brain. This neurofeedback process is known as Brain Mapping and can pinpoint areas of the brain which is not functioning optimally, which would be cause for concern.


Through a Brain, Map technicians are then able to put together a brain training program to target this area’s and stimulate normal brain function once again proving that your mind can be changed despite emotional behaviors.


8 tips on how you can assist mind by training your brain to improve your memory:

It is important to treat this as a progressive plan and start with the first step and then add one more idea each day to help improve your memory …
1. Focus on what you’re trying to remember.
Take time to think and actively process your thoughts, this can make it easier to recall what you need to remember in the future.


2. Create a visual image.

If you’re trying to remember someone’s name, visualize an object that will help remind you of them or something associated with them in the future.


3. Create an acronym.

Train your brain to remember items in a specific sequence by creating a word to represent the objects. Try using the first letter of each item on your shopping list to form a word. For instance, MOST can stand for milk, oranges, soap, toilet paper.


4. Write it down.

Even if you don’t actually use your list or a note to remind you of an appointment, the task of simply writing the information down will help your brain retain it.


5. Create a rhyme.

How did you learn the alphabet or the number of days in each month when you were little? You probably learned them with the help of a song or rhyme. Try doing the same thing with names, appointments, and lists.


6. Exercise your brain.

Sign up for a session of brain training and get your mind working again, there are also games and self-help sites which exist to stretch the brains capacity.


7. Be Vigilant.

The easier you make the environment for remembering the better it will be. Create a routine for yourself, this will not only put less stress on the brain but leave you room to remember the things that count.


Ultimately we all want optimal brain function and the only way to maintain this is through a healthy diet, exercise and repairing the existing damage with brain training.


Always consult a health care practitioner to get a full analysis of your body and the potential causes of memory loss in order to get a proper understanding of your unique case.


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