Chin hair blues, where do they come from and why?

Chin Hair Blues Where Do They Come From And Why

Have you ever looked in the mirror only to be shocked and horrified by an intruder on your chin? No, not a pimple but rather a very much out of place long chin hair!

If you think that you are alone with these unwanted hairs, be assured you are not alone!


Chin hair be gone!

It is common to hear women complain about this problem, however, experts advise us that chin hair is a common phenomenon amongst women. But where do they come from and why? Chin hair is a result of a combination of genetics and hormones, our male hormones know as androgens. These androgens are known to stimulate the growth of chin hair.


Your hair follicles reaction to these hormones will determine just how many hairs arrive on your chin area. Hormone sensitivity is determined by both your bodies sensitivity and genetics. This means that a history of long hair on the chin in the family ensures you are in for a treat. Chin hair can appear at any age, however, most women notice a change between their late thirties, forties and upwards, mainly as a result of hormonal changes as we get older.

Treatment options

Treating these long hairs can be a challenge and you will need to consult a professional in order to find a treatment which is best suited to your and your type of hair, hair colour and the severity of hair growth. Treatment options include the likes of electrolysis, laser, IPL, and waxing.

When to be concerned?

Irregular periods, excess facial and body hair, and adult acne are all symptoms of a condition known as Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS. It is best to consult a medical practitioner and invest in a hormonal screening. This will determine whether your hormonal balance is “normal” or PCOS-related. It will also bring to light any medications affecting your hormones such as oral contraceptives.



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