3 Ways To Better Your Health

3 Ways To Better Your Health

Research has shown that higher blood sugars in non-diabetic candidates showed a marked decrease in the area of the brain affected by Alzheimer’s Disease and is one of the reasons why Alzheimer’s is now being referred to as ‘Type 3 Diabetes’.


In contrast, those who follow a ‘ketogenic’ type diet where fat is the main source of energy as opposed to sugar there are remarkable changes and a far healthier brain function.


1. Feed your brain good fat

Source healthy fats that will assist your brain in functioning optimally such as olive oil, avocado, coconut oil and wild caught fatty fish.


2. Rest and unplug from your electronic devices.

It is crucial to have some quiet down time and allow the brain to simply rest and restore itself unhindered.


3. When in doubt have yourself tested.

Brain problems are becoming an epidemic with anxiety, brain fog, fatigue, ADD, Autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis becoming more and more prevalent every day.


Visit your nearest health care institute to assist you with healthy eating, healthy living and a variety of hormone, hair mineral trace, and DNA analysis tests. By using the cutting edge medical technology they can help you to determine any genetic predisposition and guide you towards a prevention plan.


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