Active Living: Three Ways It Can Change Your Body

Active Living: Three Ways It Can Change Your Body

Do you miss active living? Remember that time in hard lockdown when we were finally able to exercise? We mean away from home and outdoors in shared spaces. What felt good about it? The opportunity to see your favourite greenbelt or nature reserve again? Or maybe just being active? And while soaking up that delicious vitamin D – sunscreen on, of course – how was your body? We hope it felt amazing, especially if you’re time at home isolating was a slower period. And that’s ok! Even though it may feel like forever, getting fit can take as little as eight weeks.

Moreover, during the process, you’re doing your body so much good. Want better health? Get more active; doing so improves your body’s skin, muscles, bones and joints. Need a further nudge to get your takkies on? 

Active Living Targets Circulation

 Proper circulation flow is so vital for overall health. Yours helps blood and oxygen pump through your system for a happily functioning body. Additionally, this needs to happen for boosted body skin tone and texture. Are you finding cellulite hard to treat? By revving up circulation, you’re not only getting that system sorted but dealing with skin texture too. Sure, that HIIT class may be hard work, but it’s helping to build strong muscles. And stronger muscles and tighter skin help with reducing the look of cellulite. So if you’re unhappy if how your body skin looks, get your circulation going! 

Loving Your Bones and Joints

Think about your skeleton much? As the body’s central framework, the skeleton is designed to support you (and take a beating). But what do we do for our frames to love them in return? Take supplements like Vitamin D to support bone health? Well, that’s one thing we should all do! Actually, moving more does wonders for bones and joints. Pick a workout made for bones, like weight-bearing. Excellent for bone density, your bones respond by building more bone and becoming sturdier. Another benefit of exercise – with bones and joints in mind – is improving balance and coordination. Walking, cycling and swimming (all low impact) are easy on your joints. If they’re giving you hassles, adding Omega 3 supplements can support these parts of your skeleton. 

Active Living Builds Muscle and Tighten Skin

If you want to tone muscles, getting a sweat on is always a healthy choice. Even just by walking, you’re toning your quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves and ankles—different combos of body workouts and shaping suit different personalities, needs and lifestyles. If you’re craving connection and more physical activity, group outdoor exercise may be your bag. Perhaps you need a quieter space to get your body moving. Yoga has many poses that help you build muscles and work on strength and endurance. Once you’ve found your workout joy, adding a targeted treatment means focused body contouring. Radiofrequency treatments like Exilis Elite help with skin tightening. Speeding up collagen production, radiofrequency supports the body to shrink loose skin on areas like the abdomen. A similar treatment, but with infrared, mechanical vacuum massage and lymphatic drainage too, is Velashape. Targeting skin texture and laxity, Velashape can treat cellulite. It’s a case of sooner, the better to get your fibroblasts creating perfect amounts of collagen. So if you’re ready, know that areas like your legs, hips, glutes and back can be treated. The focus is always on feeling happier in your skin.

Ready to get more active as the season changes? Now get those takkies on, and have a great workout! Whether it’s your time to hit the gym again or just walk more, moving feels good. And it’s very good for your body. 


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