Heart Health: Here Are 5 Foods You Should Be Adding To Your List

Heart Health Here Are 5 Foods You Should Be Adding To Your List

Heart health includes healthy foods. They are a great way to lower your risk of heart disease, cancer and high cholesterol. Incorporate more of these healthy options into your daily lifestyle for a longer and healthier life for body, mind and skin.


Heart health foods to consider

1. Brown Rice
Benefits: High in fibre and easy to digest
Handy Suggestion: Try stuffing your veggies such as tomatoes or sweet peppers with savoury brown rice for a delicious meal.


2. Spinach
Benefits: Lowers cholesterol and is rich in Iron.
Handy Suggestions: Try incorporating a leaf or two into your smoothie for a health boost.
** Raw spinach has far more vitamins and minerals than cooked spinach


3. Sweet Potato
Benefits: A good source of Vitamin C and also high in natural fibre.
Handy Suggestions: Boil sweet potatoes and mash them for a healthy alternative to the starchy white potato. For an even more delicious and slightly sweet option, roast your sweet potatoes.


4. Walnuts
Benefits: These lovely and creamy nuts are high in Omega-3 and high in protein.
Handy Suggestions: Use walnuts as an alternative to pine nuts in pestos. Roast walnuts slightly for a rich buttery alternative as a crunchy topping on salads, desserts and also for granolas.


5. Salmon
Benefits: Salmon is a low carb option for meals and is known to lower blood pressure too.
Handy Suggestions: For a delicious meal try baking Salmon in parchment, this keeps it juicy and tender. Do not overcook fish, always cook until medium-firm to the touch.


It is always important to ensure that you are getting the correct dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals in your diet in order to maintain a healthy and optimally functioning body.


Heart health advice

If you are unable to sustain a healthy lifestyle through a variety of fresh produce, we would highly recommend you visit your doctor or health care practitioner in order to have a full health assessment and get the best advice on nutraceuticals and supplementation needed specifically for your body.


Remember good health is not a given, and it is far more costly to be ill than to invest in maintaining your health.


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