Autumn Immunity: How To Support Your System This Season

Autumn Immunity: How To Support Your System This Season

How quickly did summer flash by? And while it’s sad to see the last days of warm temps, it’s into Autumn we march (forgive us the pun). A new season means new health challenges. Or does it? Pandemics aside, we always think colder weather means colds flu season. Or just not feeling as hardy and healthy as we perhaps do in summer. Maybe it’s a sunshine thing. Want to up your immunity game? Think of this as a holistic plan: exercise for strengthening, supplementation for gut support and IV infusions to fill in the gaps. Need a real boost? They’re a winner for dips and lows too. Here’s to bringing your A-game to Autumn.

Exercise and Immunity: How Strengthening Your Body Helps

You don’t need to be a Gym Bunny to ward off every germ. Studies show that even moderate exercise can help build the body’s immunity. This means “moderate-intensity” exercise may reduce the number of colds you get. Think of this as brisk walking, bike riding, hiking or evening dancing. Not a kettlebell or burpee in sight! However, after that hike, supplements like L–Glutamine provide extra care to help your body recover and build lean muscle mass. Not only does this recovery booster help your muscles mend, but it works on good gut health too. And that’s essential for a robust immune system! 

Your Gut and Your Seasonal Health: How to Support It

This is undoubtedly something you’ve heard on repeat: it all starts in the gut. That’s because it’s true. Ready for a biology lesson? The basic version is: a healthy gut means you have a healthy gut microbiome with a wide range of different beneficial bacteria. This equals a healthy immune system. If your immune system is working well, it’s responding to injury and infection as it should. There are ways – apart from eating healthy – you can get your gut super happy. And that’s through nutraceutical support. Supplements can be true health superstars, from digestive enzymes to care for digestion and gut discomfort to Pro-biotic LP-SCB to balance bacteria. Are you struggling with inflammation in your gut? Add some Meriva to your regime. Its natural inflammatory properties mean it’s a calming and soothing anti-oxidant additive for chronic conditions. 

Need a Lift? What IV Infusions Can Do for You

If you’re heading into Autumn feeling iffy, give your health a boost with a carefully blended cocktail of vitamins and minerals that target concerns. An IV infusion can be so helpful if your immunity has already taken a hit. That’s because what’s going into your system is at a higher dose. Translation? A real shot of exactly what you need to feel healthy again. And there are options; for those with a depressed immune system, reach for a Jet Fuel Cocktail. This can help you deal with fatigue, chronic colds, and flu touches. Perhaps you’re feeling the first signs of a bug? Get IV wise! The Anti-Viral Infusion Cocktail helps whack virus symptoms before they knock you hard. Laced with lots of the good stuff like Vitamin C and selenium, it’s a clever approach to cold and flu management. 

Don’t worry about common health bugbears as you watch leaves turn golden and add an extra layer in the mornings. They may come and go, but support strategies can outsmart them. Look at your immunity as a whole, and you’ll see better results for a happier and healthier season ahead. 


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