IV Infusions, Everything You Need To Know And A Checklist

IV Infusions Everything You Need To Know And A Checklist

IV Infusions are a relatively new treatment or therapy on the market. The treatment is known as ‘drip therapy’ contains a cocktail of vitamins, have consequently been made famous by the likes of Rihanna and Simon Cowell. Celebs are now making these vitamin infusions a regular occurrence.


IV Infusions, check your facts

Compliance of medical products and treatments is a constant challenge, because ‘Drip bars’ and fly-by-night practices are popping up everywhere, destroying the reputation of this industry.

IV Infusions have scheduled drugs and consist of a fluid which is pumped directly into the bloodstream. Here is a checklist to ensure your safety at all times.


Health and Safety Checklist

1. A full medical examination is required prior to a drip. IV Infusions are not a ‘one size fits all’. The drip needs to be a personal prescription, not a generic pre-made solution. A doctor is to be on site during your session. The doctor should also have an ACLS Or Advanced Cardiac Life Support certificate and training in case of an emergency.

2. The drip needs to be a personal prescription not a generic. A doctor should be on site during your session. The doctor should also have an ACLS Or Advanced Cardiac Life Support certificate and training. Also required is life support equipment in case of an emergency.

3. Drips must be administered by a qualified and registered nurse or doctor.

4. Know the exact compound of vitamins in your infusion, most of all full disclosure of the content of the drip is to be available to you, at all times.

5. Drips need to be produced in a sterile compounding laboratory. Make it a point to know the source of your drip. Drips need to be custom manufactured for you as an individual, not pre-made, therefore imported drips are to be legal and have the required MCC (Medical Control Council) certificate.

6. Keep it sterile. All items must be sealed and sterile for your treatment. Needles, IV lines, and saline bags are all considered hazardous. Disposal of sharps is also to be done by a professional medical disposal company.

7. In addition invoicing and administering must be done by medical practices only.


In conclusion when it comes to your health wisdom and safety should not be a choice.


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  1. Shannon Reddy

    Good Day
    I had an IV infusion at another clinic and a few days later had a kidney infection. Is this related. The pain was most excruciating. It was administered by a GP.

    • Beauty desk

      Hi Shannon

      I am sorry to hear that you had a kidney infection those are awfully painful. I am not sure whether the two are connected? You would need to follow up with the clinic you went to with regards to where their IV Infusions are manufactured and whether they are compliant with the rules as set out by the Medicine Controls Council.

      This is not something I have heard of before within our business but then all clients are given a full health assessment and screening by one of our doctors prior to treatment and all IV’S are administered by either a doctor or nurse at our clinics?

      Let me know if I can assist further.


  2. grace

    i would like to know the prices of the iv drip treatment because i want to lighten my skin by the end of november 2016.how much does 1 drip cost?i would like to do 10 or even more.
    kindly reply to my email soonest.

    060 659 5820

    • admin

      Hi Grace

      Thank you for your query, we do not offer skin lightening. Do let me know if I can assist with anything further.


  3. Martinette Botes

    Good day, do you offer online courses for iv treatment. I am interested in opening my own clinic

    • admin

      Hi Martinette

      Thank you for your message, no we do not offer training.

      Regards Heather

  4. Nisha

    Good day
    I am interested in this treatment.
    Kindly submit more info. And prices

    • admin

      Hi Nisha

      You are welcome to contact our friends over at Health Renewal with regards to these treatments. Here is a little more info http://bit.ly/IVInfhr

      Regards Heather