Nutrition: How Your Health & Body Changes with Diet

Nutrition: How Your Health & Body Changes with Diet

Next time you read “you are what you eat.” Think of it this way: nutrition is the foundation of the structure, function, and wholeness of every little cell in our body. Yes, from the skin and hair to the muscles, bones, digestive and immune systems. Still, want that highly processed cheeseburger and fries?

Sure, eating clean every day is difficult, but tweaking your nutrition can reap big health rewards. And if you’re worried you won’t ace those salmon poke bowls or add broccoli to everything, there’s always the support of supplements . You can rely on these to see you through. Fun fact: did you know just by taking a really good multivitamin and mineral, you’re getting vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium, calcium, and vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B12? These can help boost your immune system and give you more energy during the day. What else will help you feel amazing? Put down that third cup of coffee, and read on… 

Health Changes to Boost Your Body: It All Starts with Nutrition

 We know processed food makes the body feel on a go slow. Other snacks and meals that don’t help with energy levels are added and refined sugars, fried foods and artificial sweeteners. And apart from wanting to doze off after fuelling up on that sugar-packed cooldrink, what else are these blood sugar rollercoasters doing to you? Consequently they can result in weight gain, high cholesteroldiabetes and dental cavities.

But does going from quick and processed (we’re talking fast food here) to slow and clean (simple yet homemade) mean a difference? No, not in the short term. But, it’s reported that in as little as three weeks, you can start to see changes, even more impressive you’ll see results in actual lab work over three months. Sound encouraging? Start with simple swaps: ditch the sugary drinks like sodas and plain, long-life fruit juices. Love tea and coffee? Go without sugar. Because even a sweetener in your cup of caffeine stimulates appetite and is known to play a role in weight gain. 

Diet Overhaul: Making Smart Changes for Your Best Wellbeing 

Body aside, your love of that 4pm chocolate (and who can blame you?) could ruin your mood. Apart from a balanced diet –look carefully at if it’s lacking in a few departments – some supplements can help raise your dopamine levels. Got enough vitamin D in your life? Sure, we live in sunny SA, but you may be missing out if you’re not eating fish (like tuna and salmon), dairy and plant milks. So supplement it in, and as a result enjoy the benefits. The same goes for Omega 3, a fatty acid found in fish oils, often lacking in the diet. And it is known for reducing inflammation and supporting the immune system.

Therefore for mental health, it may help lessen depressive symptoms. So, if you’d rather spoil yourself with a salmon sashimi lunch instead of that late afternoon choccie, do it for your big, beautiful, fantastic brain because it’ll help you in the long run! 

Are you ready to redefine what you eat and think about how it helps keep your health in check? Because let’s face it it’s hard to resist that bowl of chips as you watch your series after working 10 hours straight. Enjoy your treats; do your body proud with the best nutrition to keep it and you on a happy health journey


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  1. Faith

    Hi…just a quick one.Is it true that if your blood group is A+,red meat and dairy are not good for you?


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