Road to Recovery: Been Sick? There’s a Supplement for That!


If you’ve just battled infection, know there’s a body boosting solution in supplement form. Need to get back track? Help your system feel it’s best again with nutraceuticals aimed at supporting energy and vitality. From good gut health to better mental wellbeing, smart supplementation means feeling better and happier. And for a super shot of highly effective therapy think IV infusions. The road to recovery needn’t be a long and hard one. Get the care you need with the right vitamins and minerals for you.

Foundational Supplements For The Road To Recovery

Think of foundational supplements as the essential basics for good health support. These include a good quality multi vitamin as well as Omega 3, Vitamin D3 and Zinc. An antioxidant supplement such as Glutathione or Co-Q10 is very helpful too. Diets high in vegetables and fruits are good sources of antioxidants. However, ensure you’re getting your full amount as antioxidants are a means to disease prevention. This is because antioxidants help with protecting the body against unstable molecules (free radicals). Too many of them creates a build-up which can do serious damage to cells. This may influence diseases like cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure. The answer? Supplementation. Your healthcare provider will help you find what’s best for you.

Gut Health

Turning your attention to the health of your gut means building strong immune system. Improving it’s wellness is an opportunity to improve other systems in your body. Need to boost your general health and well-being? Look at your gut and how you can help it to heal. Additionally a strong gut is known for not only strong immunity, but good heart health too. Also factor in brain health, improved mood, sufficient sleep, easy digestion and help with fighting cancers. Ready to help yours stabilise and feel better, so you do too? As well as probiotics, ask your healthcare provider about the power of digestive enzymes. Able to support gut health, caring for digestion, they’re a smart supplement. Also chat through the capabilities of healing L-Glutamine. If you’re worried about leaky gut, this amino acid helps heal and protect the gastrointestinal tract.

IV Infusions

For a concentrated dose for a recovering body, IV infusions may provide the answer. Always discuss your health conditions and concerns with a medical doctor before having these treatments. Ideally your IV infusion needs to be specific to your body’s needs. So, if you’re feeling weakened thanks to illness and stress, a Chronic Stress Infusion Cocktail is your go-to. However, if you’re concerned about further infection, ask about boosting Anti-Viral Infusion Cocktail. This is a potent choice if your Vitamin C and selenium levels are too low. It provides extra support when you need to be extra careful with your health.

We all get sick and need to recover from infection. It’s a part of life that reminds us just how precious our health is. Equally important is prepping for any further stretches of illness. Prevention is better than cure and so a supported system means a happy system. Remember your health is a journey, so give it all the care it needs.


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