Sound Sleep: Why It’s Essential To Your Wellbeing This Year

Sound Sleep: Why It's Essential To Your Wellbeing This Year

The benefits of resting mean more than just sound sleep. Eight hours of shut-eye is also a chance to unplug from a busy world. You may think you’ve had two years of downtime, but sheltering from the pandemic has impacted sleep. And not in a good way. A new survey has revealed that 70 percent of people struggle with sleep difficulties. So, now that we’re in a new year with a feeling of positivity – and yes, perhaps a busier schedule – it’s the best time to sort your sleep out. For good! 

Sound Sleep and Wellbeing: The Essential Link

What’s gotten you through really tough times? Your Mom? Your friends? And probably very often, a good night’s sleep. When facing anxious situations, sleep is a powerful tool. It helps to calm the body, which means you have a chance to regain mental balance. Think of it this way: your anxiety levels are high due to a crisis. It would help if you had your mind to make the necessary decisions clearly. Sleep helps build mental and emotional resilience. It’s also known to improve concentration and regulate your mood. And it can sharpen judgment and decision-making. Staying up all night worrying means the brain misses out on all of that. And so do you. 

How to Get More Sleep

It’s all good and well recommending sleep, but what if you’re battling to doze off? Tried a sleep story, meditating or going old-school and counting sheep? Simple tricks like sticking to a sleep schedule, creating a restful environment and limiting daytime naps may help. Oh, and yes, that phone you’re scrolling through till all hours. Put. It. Down. It’s reported that devices with blue-light-emitting tech delay your body’s cue to go to sleep. So working on your laptop right up until sleep time may be throwing off your natural sleep-wake cycle. Some natural help in the form of magnesium could help. Consider a great quality multivitamin and mineral; your body will also be boosted from the other essential nutraceuticals

Fighting Fatigue

Try as you might, some people’s sleep issues spill over into diagnosed insomnia. An expert medical health practitioner will be able to detect which category you fall into. Some insomnia is simply temporary and should pass quickly. Take heatwaves: it’s so hot you’re battling to fall and stay asleep, but when the weather cools, you’re out like a light. The same applies to your neighbour’s DJ. The party next door is like 2019, and it’s thumping loud till 3 am. Next night, you’re snoring. However, acute and chronic insomnia are more serious and can mean health risks. For example, these more severe types can increase chronic pain conditions. So you’ll feel greater pain sensitivity, especially with chronic pain disorders like osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. 

Are you tired of tossing and turning? Exhaustion can take all the fabulousness out of life. Approaches like IV infusions and other health treatments can boost your system. Your year of sound sleep starts with healthy habits and support for your wellbeing. 


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