Stress Triggers – Top 5 Causes Which May Surprise You

Stress Triggers Top 5 Causes Which May Surprise You

Stress is the cause of many known illnesses and mental health disorders in our modern society. It can also often cause secondary responses due to hidden triggers. These are often so obvious that they may be overlooked.


Our top 5 stress triggers:


1. Overstimulation from communications

Constant stress and demands via both verbal and electronic communications can add to your daily pressures, often tipping you over the edge.


2. Too much to do and too little time

In a world of on-demand info, deadlines and constant expectations the struggle to juggle priorities has become a daily part of life and one which doesn’t promise to get any better anytime soon.


3. Overuse of antibiotics, antacids and anti-inflammatories

Often Doctors are too eager to prescribe medications which treat health symptoms, but often do not get to the root cause of the problem. We highly recommend you consider a doctor who practises functional medicine where doctors invest time and effort in solving the cause of a problem and not just simply treating the symptom.


4. Disrupted sleep

A lack of good quality sleep for a period of 6-7 hours is a prerequisite for healthy brain and body function. Sleep deprivation can result in serious health issues such as cardiac disease and diabetes 2, not to mention mental health issues such as brain fog and memory loss.


5. Sugar and excess carbohydrates

Sugar breaks down the protein bonds in both internal and external organs and accelerates the ageing process. It also makes us more susceptible to infectious diseases thanks to a process known as glycation. It may result in symptoms such as wrinkles, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, age-related memory loss and even Alzheimer’s.



It is important to manage your stress by reducing triggers and ensuring your overall health through supplementation and constant monitoring of hormonal imbalances.


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