Supplements: The Scoop On the Nutrients Your Body Needs Now

Supplements: The Scoop On the Nutrients Your Body Needs Now

You work out (sometimes), you practice yoga, you’ve just signed up for your first park run. Your eating isn’t saintly, but who’s is right? And now and then, you remember to pop that multivitamin and mineral. Basically, you’re human. Good! Your friends don’t want Friday drinks with a robot. But at the same time, health concerns are often the result of body neglect. And getting the nutrients our bodies need helps them function their best. Sadly one of the lesser-known facts of climate change is vanishing nutrients. Here’s some food for thought: according to the Scientific American, a growing body of research is finding our modern food is less nutritious. Why? Raising carbon dioxide levels, it robs key crops of vitamins essential to human development. Yikes! But that’s where nutraceuticals come in. Does boosting your system with the right supplements make a difference? 

Oh yes, it does! 

Do Supplements Actually Get Absorbed?

Heard the one about taking vitamins and other supplements on an empty stomach? Nah, you can take them any time of the day. That’s because many vitamins are water-soluble. The body will absorb them at almost any time of the day. It doesn’t matter what’s in your tummy! Take Vitamin C, for instance; consider it one of your foundational nutrients. And according to the publication Dietary Guidelines for Americans, it’s one of the most “under-consumed nutrients.” Meaning? This water-soluble vitamin, which is easy to supplement, may be missing from your eating plan. And while it may sound so generalised, it’s such a powerhouse. Imagine a vital antioxidant to lift your immune system and help fight viruses. It also helps with keeping your skin healthy and youthful. It ups collagen production is essential for tissue repair, iron absorption, wound healing and heart health. Amazing! 

Vitamin D3: The Scoop on the Nutrient Your Body Needs

 Another “under-consumed” vitamin from the same report is Vitamin D. While we get very high levels of UV in South Africa, no one is green lighting sun baking to top yours up. It’s misleading to think the sun is all your need. You get essential Vitamin D3 from animal-sourced food (like tuna, mackerel and beef liver). Are you not eating much of that or vegetarian? The benefits of supplementing with High Potency Vitamin D3 are beneficial. This super-vitamin is a goodie from immunity to help with inflammation and heart and bone strength. 

An Extra Dose

So here’s the thing. We all eat so differently these days. Vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, pescatarian, the list goes on. Vegans or those who don’t eat any fish, take note: DHA is an essential omega-3 fatty acid found in fatty fish and fish oil. Why is Omega 3 so crucial (and not just for Veganuary)? Again, it’s a solid immune supporter, and it also has happy heart benefits like lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Additionally, it prevents blood clots and plaque build-up in the arteries. This is a powerful protector, whether you order salmon California rolls or not.

Ready to get to grips with Zinc versus Vitamin K2? It teams up with Vitamin D3 to move Calcium into bones and teeth, by the way. Whatever combination of supplements hits your health sweet spot, know you’re supporting your body in the best possible way. And that’s a positive and beautiful thing! 


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