Your Unhealthy Gut May Affect your Thinking

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The gut maybe the root to many of your health issue including impaired thinking. The gut is an absolute hive on microbes such as bacteria and fungi.


Did you know:

The gut has 10 x more microbes than human body has skin cells. Scary but true!

Of particular concern amongst scientists is the effect that gut flora may have on mental health, as a mounting body of research suggests that gut bacteria can have a significant impact on the way we think, feel and behave, and also on the development of neurological conditions. – source


The following are mental or cognitive disorders associated with an unbalanced and unhealthy gut:

– Depression

– Anxiety

– Schizophrenia


This does not however mean that every case is necessarily linked to the gut, however it is definitely worth pursuing as means to determine that all is well and exclude any possibility. We highly recommend a health check at a trusted practice.



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