Ageing skin solutions for men, what are the best options?

Ageing Skin Solutions For Men What Are The Best Options

Ageing skin is just as much concern for men as it is for women. There are many perspectives on what are the best treatments and practices for guys; we thought who knows better than a professional medical aesthetics doctor?


Ageing skin, a male skin doctors perspective

“Being a 50-year-old man I know from experience and that men don’t like unnecessary visits to the doctor. This is where you need to change your way of thinking to one of a modern man. These days it is important to not only screen for disease and illness but also implement treatments and skin care. It’s time to do something about those little ‘unwanted things‘ that happen to an ageing man, and luckily they often are very easy to fix.


Maintenance for ageing skin and bodies

Here are popular skin treatments for men to prevent ageing skin and maintain a healthy appearance. All are with minimal pain and downtime.

Chemical peels

These are still one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world. When used in combination with other treatments can be highly effective at slowing down the signs of ageing and refining the skin. The first reaction from a typical man would be, what acid on my face? Well yes, as men age the cell division from the deeper layers of the skin slows down, resulting in a more gradual elimination of dead skin. Because these dead cells sit on the surface, and “old skin” does not have a healthy appearance, the skin looks dull and tired.

Handy tip:

There is a broad range of acid peels you can pick and choose from. With proper medical guidance, the type, strength, pH, and intensity of your peel can be adjusted to suit your skins.



Damage to the skin is most visible on the superficial cells; in other words the surface of the skin. Dr Andre Truter shares that “just like woodwork on your house, you have to sandpaper the old dead surface to show the new, fresh wood below”. For a mild alternative to eliminating dead skin, a treatment such as microdermabrasion is ideal. Microdermabrasion uses fine crystals to help eliminate old skin, a mild sandblasting if you will.

With treatments such as these, you will have zero downtime, so you can go watch sports or hang out with the guys in no time. Your buddies will be oblivious, or maybe just a little green with envy because you look so good.


In conclusion, ageing skin is manageable with quick effective treatments and no-one need be any the wiser. Watch this space as we cover various topics on common concerns for the modern man. Topics such as facial lines, sunspots, face veins, hair loss, weight gain, unwanted hair, acne, scarring or just simply improving the skin’s appearance.


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