Grooming Habits Women Want Their Men To Do More Often

Grooming Habits Women Want Their Men To Do More Often

Grooming habits that women want for men? While this may or may not be true (you’ll never know),  it’s no secret that all women want a well-groomed man.  What does a well-groomed man look like?  Well, it’s not what you may think! In fact, many consider grooming or the appreciation of self-care as an alternative lifestyle.  On the contrary.  Men are becoming proactive and embracing a more sleek approach in both skin care and lifestyle.


So what are the grooming habits women want their men to do?

1. Get rid of visible nose hair.  There are a few ways to tackle these unruly hairs. You can trim the nose hairs that stick out from your nostrils but that really is a short-term solution. Alternatively, you can try waxing, although it may bring tears to your eyes it really gets all the unwanted hair.

2. Get rid of excess ear hair.  You may not be able to see it, but the ladies can see these nasties sprouting everywhere. When in doubt ask for help. We recommend you wax this area. Why wax? Mainly because it is a rather finicky area, but also over time the hair will become less making your life easier.

3. Trimmed eyebrows.  Long, wiry eyebrow hair is not attractive.  Ask your skin care therapist to trim these for you on your next visit.

4. Laser or wax your chest hair.  Depending on your ladies personal preference, try to keep this area neat and groomed. For the ultimate sleek look consider laser as an option.

5. Laser back hair.  No hairy back is an attractive back, laser is your best option for a long-term solution and a lack of ingrown hairs. Winter is the best time to tackle this area without anyone being the wiser. Choose a clinic wisely and listen to your therapist when it comes to post care and treatment intervals.

6. Trim bikini area.  Ahh yes, the most intimate conversation.  More and more women today want their man to keep the intimate areas neat and tidy. a tit for tat maybe but in this case, the truth may hurt a little. Your options include to trim, shave or wax your private area, making it cleaner and more inviting.

7. Maintain a youthful hydrated appearance and wear sunscreen for goodness sake!


What Can Men Do about Unwanted Hair?

Be a well-groomed man!  Book a consultation at a professional skin clinic today and invest in long-term solutions which will inevitably make your life a lot easier. You just might like it yourself after all!



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