Prevent Breakouts With These Basic Skin Care Tips

Prevent Breakouts With These Basic Skin Care Tips

Prevent breakouts from your everyday skin care routine. Let’s face it no one wants to strut around with a blotchy face because well they just couldn’t be bothered. There are a few basic rules to maximising hygiene and minimising breakouts when it comes to male skin.


Prevent breakouts by following these steps

Here are a few basic guidelines for preventing breakouts when shaving:

– Don’t shave against the grain

A common mistake is cutting against the grain. Men shave against the direction of hair growth to get a closer shave. However, this means that the blade is open to nick underlying hairs. The resultant effect is bleeding, followed by inflammation. Prevent breakouts by shaving in the direction that feels smoothest. Limit it to one shaving stroke per facial area so that you are not aggravating the skin over and over.


– Avoid artificial fragrances and harsh products

While more and more luxury men’s lines products are arriving on the shelves, each promising more results than the previous, you can keep it simple. Many contain dyes and scents that can aggravate men’s skin. The term fragrance-free”, doesn’t mean it’s free of fragrance, often there are hidden or masked fragrances. Avoid applying after shaves to the face as they strip the skin, tend to sting, and are not suitable for people with sensitive skin at all.


Prevent breakouts with correct skin care

– Avoid breakout triggering products

Any guy will tell you, zits happen, irrespective of age. Breakouts and acne are not teenage problems, but rather an ongoing struggle well into adult life. Men generally have oily and course skin textures thanks to testosterone which stimulates sebum production in the skin. Off the shelf, products make it hard to find a personalised skin care products to suit your needs, and the wrong product may trigger a reaction or breakout. Consider investing in an in-salon skin care product, one where you can get personalised professional advice and products guaranteed to suit your skin.

– Avoid the incorrect products

It can be confusing when it comes to choosing a product. “What moisturizer should I use?” is a familiar cry of the modern man. A simple regime should include a cleanser and a moisturiser with an SPF or sun protection. The texture, active ingredients, and consistency of the product are to be chosen according to you skin type, age, and activity level.


The best advice we can give? When in doubt seek help from a skin care professional, the modern man has as much right to be in a skin clinic as anyone else.


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