Skin Saviours: Summer must haves and treatments for guys

Skin Saviours: Summer must haves and treatments for guys

So, you joined the mountain bike mafia, and you’re riding trials like a beast. Well done you! But what about that sun damage that’s crept up? As we often do the most harm as youngsters, we pay for those teenage sun sprees when we’re 40. But it’s hard to stop living it up in the heat. And if you love getting a sweat on outdoors, it’s such a healthy way to destress. So how to save your skin? Your first line of skin defence is – always – SPF protection. Skin saviours are protection rather than cure, and offer intelligent solutions that help treat sun damage.

Got Pigmentation Pal?

Pigmentation on a guy’s skin is common. And the sun is usually to blame. Think of it like this: while you’re working out in the sun, so too is your skin’s melanin. So, as that soccer game gets more intense, your skin’s natural colour inflames. These inflammatory responses create discolouration (pigmentation), so your skin tone looks uneven or patchy. 

Hate those dark marks, need some skin saviours?

 Chat to your aesthetic medical doctor about the power of chemical peels. There are so many solution-based options, from low to more potent intensities. For newbies to non-invasive treatments – and peels in general – start with a gentle Radiance Peel. A pigmentation therapy – as well as sun damage and even acne – this is an excellent introduction to the category. For something deeper, ask your doctor about Dermamelan Depigmentation or TCA Chemical Peels. These may mean a slower return to work, but they’re able to get deeper skin and help with stubborn pigmentation.  

Cut Loose

As another candle gets added to your birthday cake, so your skin heads south. Skin laxity is an odd thing; it’s often down to age, but other issues come into play. Lost weight recently? Those 8 kilos you shed may be the reason your skin is looking a little crepey. Nothing’s straightforward, right? 

Luckily with non-invasive injectables like bio-remodelling you there’s no need for any nip and tuck. Bio-re-what, you may think? Well, treatments like Profhilo® use innovative ingredients to tighten and sculpt skin over time. The power of the highest concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid helps firm skin that’s lost its structure. And as the weeks go by, the results just keep getting better. Another injectable that also works to firm up sagging skin is bio-stimulation. Like bio-remodelling, it’s a long-term operator. Furthermore, it doses skin with ingredients for self-healing. If the sound of growth factors with skin boosters and hyaluronic acid ticks your tech boxes, this is your regenerative solution. Working to firm and tighten skin, bio-stimulation also helps soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Score!

Screen Like You Want to Go Faster

You’ve probably heard this a million times. But here’s one more caution for the road: wear sunscreen! “If I could offer you only one tip for the further, sunscreen would be it.” Remember that ’97 Baz Luhrmann song? Now simply pick your team: mineral versus chemical sunscreen. Mineral (or physical) sunscreen means chemical-free products. A go-to for sensitive skins, reach for one if you’re struggling with conditions like rosacea. If you’re part-fish, choose a water-resistant option for surf, swim or SUP days. These options work just as well if you’re sweating more sunscreen than you seem to apply. 

Worried about acne but scared of sun damage? Look for a photo-repair sunscreen that is suitable for oily skin types. These skin saviours come in all textures these days.

As you tackle that incline or make it to 10km, have a good one. We’re so lucky to live in such a great environment, just made for outdoor adventures.  


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