Brain Drain: How Can You Overcome Mental Fatigue Challenges

Brain Drain How Can You Overcome Mental Fatigue

The brain needs to be constantly stimulated and fed healthy food in order to stay strong and functional. As we age our brains activity is often altered and even damaged mainly due to life events, stress and trauma. This daily wear and tear is known as “brain drain” or “mental fatigue”.


Brain drain and mental performance

Is your brain performing at its maximum capacity? Often times we are pushing ourselves to our limits and even though we are feeling burned out. We know that there is more, but at what cost do we push our limits? By overexerting our brains when we are tired or stressed we create stumbling blocks in our lives. This means that we sometimes fall over and too often find it difficult to get back up again. Deep inside we yearn and remember when life seemed easy and fun and now it seems like such a battle.


In fact, just trying to remember something or getting out of bed may fill you with dread. Modern-day life is fast-paced and stressful and this will influence your brain, your mind, your body and your spirit, eventually saturating you.


There are many ways in which we can help maintain healthy brain functioning such as:

– Supplements that nourish the brain

– Healthy diet

– Exercises that exercise the brain

But do any of these repair damage already done? No, not really!

Brain Training corrects the functioning of your unique brain targeting your specific need to to support you to a higher level of functioning.  Food for thought “Your brain is not your thoughts and your thoughts are not your brain. The better your brain the better your thoughts will flow and the more options will become available to you.”

Brain Training is like a virtual gym for your mind and your brain.



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  1. Heidi

    Please e-mail me what type of food must I eat daily to maintain great brain functioning, not too forget, always remember important information daily.