Bacne: the cause, the treatment and how to beat it once for all

Bacne: the cause, the treatment and how to beat it once for all

We all know about acne, but do you know about ‘bacne’? Initially, a word coined for acne that appears on your back – or anywhere on your body – it’s the scourge of many a skincare routines. Fortunately, with a little know-how as well as the right products, bacne can be beaten.


Bacne, why me?

Bacne forms for the same reasons that you get acne on your face – your pores get clogged and the trapped oil and dirt becomes a pimple. Still, there are lots of things that can contribute to this. For example, if your hormonal profile is unbalanced, it can lead to an overproduction of oil that will leave you more prone to pimples. There’s also a link between acne and your gut.


Ideally, your gastrointestinal tract should be full of healthy bacteria but if it’s overrun with the bad type, this can increase the permeability of your intestinal wall, essentially making it ‘leaky’ and allowing microbial toxins to enter into your bloodstream. When this happens your body has an inflammatory response and this creates the ideal environment for acne.


If you’re consistently struggling with acne, make an appointment with one of the doctors at Skin Renewal who’ll be able to examine both your hormonal profile as well as the state of your gut’s bacteria. Getting either or both back in good shape should, in turn, heal your skin. At the same time, they can suggest topical treatments to use at home as well as undergo in office, creating a highly personalised ‘from the inside as well as out’ solution.


Back to bacne

Once you realise that bacne is merely acne that happens to be on your body, it becomes easier to treat but you should know there are things that can make it worse and the first is the way you shower. (Yes, really!)


Many apply conditioner to their hair and then use the time that it takes to ‘sink in’ to wash their body. Then, when they’re done, they rinse out their hair, allowing a stream of water infused with pore-clogging oils and silicones to run down their once clean body. Fortunately, the solution’s pretty simple – just make washing your body the very last thing you do.


Another no-no is not showering altogether. If you’re the type who does a quick gym session before bed, gets sweaty then decides to just wash their face before hitting the pillow then you’re literally doing your skin a dirty. It’s important to treat your back the same way you’d do your face and the therapists at Skin Renewal can assist you in creating a regime that works using proven acne-fighting products. One of our favourites is Lamelle Clarity Active Body Spray because it’s so easy to use – simply spritz it on and it’s anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory ingredients will help reduce body acne by up to 86% over a period of weeks.


In conclusion

If you’re struggling with acne on your face or body you need to consider the state of your hormones as well as the health of your gut. The highly skilled doctors at Skin Renewal can help you analyse both and create a 3D acne-fighting plan that may include medication, supplements, in office treatments, skin care products and lifestyle changes.


It’s a long game, but beating both acne and bacne can be done and the first step to a radiant-looking, clear complexion is making an appointment to visit Skin Renewal today.


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