How To Shave Face And Not Fall For A Fad

How To Shave Face And Not Fall For A Fad

According to a popular women health magazine (The Surprising Reason Why Some Women Are Shaving Their Faces) it is now common practice for models/actresses to shave their faces in order to get rid of ‘peach fuzz’, really?


I must say I am not convinced, according to dermatologists quoted in the article the hair does not thicken or get darker. Well, if legs are anything to go by I certainly am not taking a chance on shaving my ‘downy soft and pale blonde’ peach fuzz, especially not on the presumption that it will do no harm.


You have other solutions ladies, and yes they may be costly than a disposable razor but then there are proven results. They are also built on lots of research and no risk of getting a ‘man beard’.


There are two methods of treatment for permanent hair removal at Skin & Body Renewal:

Both use light as an energy source to destroy the hair at growth level, however they are not equal or to be confused as the ‘same’ treatment.



Makes use of an Intense Pulsed Light to create energy and destroy the hair within the follicle. It is important to note that skin colour needs to be taken into consideration with these machines.

We recommend the ProWave™ which is by no means an entry level machine, it treats skin types 1 – 4 and is slightly more costly than the laser. It is important to note however that fewer treatments are required with this IPL machine than with the ND Yag Laser.



We recommend the ND YAG Laser which uses a long pulsed targeted light beam to create a thermal action within the follicle and thus destroy the hair growth area.

This laser can safely be used on all skin colours and is made to adapt in just a few settings between European and black skins.

Ladies there are so many alternatives to shaving your face, please just don’t do it! Invest in treatments you know have been researched and don’t take a chance.


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