Questions You Need To Ask Before Having Injectables

Questions You Need To Ask Before Having Injectables

Recently there has been an influx of imitation and black market injectables and products leaking into the world of medical aesthetics. This makes it vital for you as the consumer to ensure that you are getting a legitimate product. Always get your treatment from a legitimate, registered and qualified doctor.

Injectables, is the cheapest the best?

Here are a few questions you should ask should you be considering having either Botox or fillers.

Like anything you would buy, you need to ask yourself why is it cheaper? If you are investing in your face and having product injected into the dermis it is important to ensure that you are getting a quality product. This entails checking that is not an imitation, inferior and/or purchased on the black market product.

Where does it come from?

Any reputable aesthetic doctor and/or medical aesthetic clinic should be able to show you where exactly they source their supplies from. It should always be an open and honest relationship with no mystery.

Can the practice give you the details of the supplier and or batch number if necessary?

It is not common practice to have this openly displayed however should you ever be in doubt it is well within your rights to inquire. Most clinics play open cards and will gladly provide the information should you request it. They should give you both the supplier’s name and the batch code.

Is the person doing your treatment a doctor?

Therapists, hairdressers and any other form of person other than a fully qualified medical aesthetics doctor are not licensed. Therefore they should under no terms administer injectables. Making use of people who are not qualified is extremely risky and not recommended at all!

Botox and fillers are there to be used as enhancements to your natural features. They are a way of slowing down the ageing process and giving the skin a youthful appearance.

As a result always put your personal safety first and not your budget. Ensure that you are getting quality injectables administered by a qualified doctor.


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  1. babalwa mafilika

    I want this but I’m staying at eastern cape Queenstown so what I can do to get this injection because I need it my body had pimples and also my face

    • admin

      Hi Babalwa

      Unfortunately we do not have a clinic in that area, you would need to look for a place close to you. Thanks for dropping by.

      Regards Heather